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Do you mean safflower oil?

If so, yes, it used to be pretty commonly used in baking and frying until Canola oil came along, which was perceived as healthier.

Safflower does not have a discernible flavor as olive oil does. It has a fairly high burn temperature, so is more suitable for frying or sauteing than olive oil. (Peanut oil is also good in this respect, if not allergic to peanuts.)

I'm unfamiliar with any particular health attributes of safflower oil.

I don't use much of either safflower or canola oil anymore - maybe a few times per year.

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I just read someone post on here about Sallflower oil. Having never heard of it, I researched it on google. Apparently, it is supposed to help you burn fat cells, strengthen your immune system, and make your hair healthy. Has anyone tried Sallflower oil and what was your experience? Does it have an after taste? Do you cook food in it or pour it into food?

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