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5/11/13 9:10 A

maybe you could split one in 1/2 and share with someone?

5/11/13 7:34 A

These are interesting tactics to not overeat and binge on things. I also think the same way with my brain as well with once I eat the cookie that I already screwed the day over and might as well go and enjoy eating more junk. I know that after dinner when I am full and there is still food on the plates from myself and family that I am very tempted to continue eating. If we are not going to take food home and everyone is done I don't just imagine that the food it bad, I make it bad. Such as pouring ketchup on deserts, sugar on fried foods/soups and anything else that it shouldn't go on, pouring soda and fluids on foods making them disguisting in flavor so that I don't eat them. I know in this case you can't necessarily do that because of it being a community doughnut pile but you could get one of those doughnuts and make it horrendous for yourself. Then you can imagine that one doughnut that you made disgusting everytime you pass by the doughnuts then. Good luck with your endevors.

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5/10/13 6:55 A

Good tactic, although I would prolly just rinse it off. HA. Thanks for the responses to occupy my time before I could pawn them off.

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5/9/13 6:06 P

I feel your pain. 4 dozen donuts brought to work today. And it's nurse's week, and hospital week.

My mental trick is to picture roaches and worms crawling all over the nasty donuts. Fly barf, roach pooh nasty foul stuff. Why would I want to eat that??????
And I don't!

Also, I remember how good it feels to fit into my clothes and to feel good! Not sick from eting junk.

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5/9/13 4:47 P

Crisis averted! My plan worked. The first of three remaining employees left and refused to take any donuts with him. I even tried to convince him that his at-home newly pregnant wife would appreciate the offering. When he said, she would not as she is already concerned about her weight gain, I tried to explain that weight gain was healthy and good for little baby. Didn't take. Drat!

Second of three employees left and accepted the offer with great trepidation that his wife would be mad for bringing donuts to two young kids right before dinner/bed. Sorry, but every man/woman for themselves right now.

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5/9/13 3:55 P

Thanks PinkyySuee. I haven't gone near them. There are still a couple stragglers left in the building so I'm OK. Since I already had one, I don't want to seem like a pig so I tend to wait until everyone leaves before I "throw away" the leftovers from the day.

I have a plan. I am going to tell each person who is leaving to take the donuts with them. If they don't, maybe they can take one or two for the road. The are all skinny men who are not affected anyway. Hopefully, one will bite.

Then I will not be left with them calling out to me.

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5/9/13 3:24 P

Don't Panic!!!! Ok, so don't beat yourself up over having one..its ok to have a splurge every once in sorry that its hard right now to have those right there!! Try and think about how proud you will be with yourself when you don't do anymore and how much will power you have! Are you able to take a break...maybe take a walk outside or just away from the sweets?? Sometimes praying about it can help too...try and get your mind on something else...and keep drinking the water!

You can do this!!!

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5/9/13 3:02 P

Arghhhh!! Oh no, oh no... I am truly panicking. I'm hiding in my office and I can't even get any work done because all I can think of is that there are fresh donuts only a few feet away. I ate one! Chocolate glazed... then logged it in of course. Now I want another. My brain is saying, well you already screwed the pooch for today so go ahead and binge away. It's been almost 2 full weeks with no binging and I really don't want to blow it. I should not have had the first. I already feel crappy, like there is a brick in my belly. I already ate an apple and a granola bar, and drank a bunch of water trying to stay away. Now I have even less calories for a healthy dinner and I'm still thinking about the dam donut. My co-workers aren't even working on them either so they are bound to be there when every one leaves and I have to close so I will be here ALONE with them!!!!

Sounds so stupid, but I am practically hyperventalating over these stupid things!!!!

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