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10/24/12 12:03 P

Aahh, Jane Fonda :-) I have a few old videos, but I had to skip pieces of the high impact stuff (loose knee joints).
But here are newer ones from her and they are more slow paced. Thank you so much for mentioning her and other interesting people!

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10/24/12 11:39 A

Thank you all very much for your answers. I'm going to take the time to look at your suggestions.

10/24/12 11:32 A

I like the videos from . (They also have a channel on youtube.) They are made by a husband and wife team, both with fitness backrounds. There is a wide variety of workouts of all different lengths - strength, hiit, pilates, kickboxing, etc. They usually add a new video every week.

Also, check out the BeFit channel on youtube. There are videos from Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, Dancing with the Stars, and more. Most of them are 10-20 minutes long.

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10/24/12 7:17 A

There's tons of stuff on the Spark youtube channel.

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10/24/12 6:06 A

I like They have videos and programs that start you out slow and gradually work your way up. This is the link I have been using but it would be in your best interest to start your own by entering in your stats and goals...
BTW I have had great results using it and have seen significant changes in my body as a whole.

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10/24/12 5:51 A

In general the safety in the workouts depends on how good the form is and how fast the weight is incremented.

When the weight is small, the form does not matter, so in the beginning a lack of a good understanding of the proper form does not show up. But as the weights increase more and more, the form factor becomes more and more important.

Learning the form is not trivial, but there are good videos in youtube to show the good form. But I like the videos in "Starting Strength" . These videos are mostly educational, not for impressing others. Everything is being explained in great detail. That is wonderful I think.

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10/24/12 5:40 A


I had no trouble sifting through good cardio workouts on Youtube, but now I'm looking for some nice strength workouts there, and I'm not sure how to choose safe workouts.

Are there people and channels on Youtube with reliable workouts? Who would you recommend?

Thank you and have a great day! emoticon

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