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7/11/13 12:25 P

I just looked up the menu for our usual Mexican place. Tons of things I need to try out. Plus they have a mini taco salad on the kids menu - that will be great when I get a craving for a taco salad.

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7/11/13 12:10 P

I always get a dish called "Fajitas Tropicales"

Chicken or steak with green peppers, onions, tomatoes and pineapple. Served in a half pineapple. With shrimp

It is fantastic! I don't eat the tortillas and I skip the chips and salsa

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7/11/13 12:05 P

Soft corn tortillas are a better option than flour tortillas.

You could use this as an opportunity to think outside the "usual" mexican-restaurant box, and try some things that were always there on the menu, but always before had been overlooked in favour of the gooey cheesy stuff....

For example, a local (and pretty authentic) Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant that I patronize sells a WICKED pozole - a pork and hominy corn soup in a spicy broth - oh my gosh is it good. I never would have bought it before (always went for enchiladas) but i figured i'd try it one day simply because I was trying to keep my calories down...... now it's my favorite thing.

Edit: Thanks for the tip, Yojulez, I have just now put a hold on Mexican Everyday at my local library....

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7/11/13 11:38 A

Many authentic (ie, soft corn tortllas, no lettuce, cheese, sour cream etc) tacos are actually pretty low in calorie. My favorites are tacos carne asada or tacos al carbon. They're beef, but there's actually not tons of meat in each taco. Top with some salsa and you're good to go.

As already mentioned, fajitas are another good option, just skip the tortillas. Also some mexican places have really authentic dishes that are actually not bad at all. It's the american "tex mex" stuff that ends up being high in calorie because (like italian food) everything is covered in tons of cheese and heavy sauces. A lot of legit mexican food relies on things like chiles and other spices to provide flavor, and those have hardly any calories.

You might want to try making stuff at home too. I spent May cooking through "Mexican Everyday" by Rick Bayless and everything I made was absolutely delicious, and the only things that were high in calorie were the various salad dressings because of the olive oil used. Everything else was very reasonable, and the recipes are geared to be for weeknight cooking so nothing takes more than an hour.

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7/11/13 11:33 A

Thank you for the dining guide!

Mexican food is almost a weekly or every other week place for us to go with friends. This will be extremely helpful.

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7/11/13 11:25 A

Skipping the tortillas and the tortilla chips is the best way in the world to cut calories at a Mexican Restaurant. Anything with sauces is to be avoided (especially the cream sauces.)

A good, safe bet is going to be your standard fajitas; even better if you can manage chicken, and eat lots of the veggies. :)

Watch y our portions. Children's plates are a good option at most places, but at Mexican places tend to be standard taco, quesadilla, and fried stuff. Avoid fried. You want grilled wherever possible!

SP has a dining guide for Mexican food here:

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7/11/13 11:21 A

Grilled fish taco with some beans
Chicken fajita
2 chicken enchiladas (would be around 450 calories) Don't get them drenched in cheese.

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7/11/13 11:03 A

I absolutely LOVE Mexican food. But it can be completely high in calories.

I know I can plan ahead & save some extra calories for my favorite meal, but when it's a spur of the moment thing what are some safe go to's to have?

My favorite thing ever is a taco salad (with shell) - which would be my "I've planned to eat here" meal.

I don't have to have beans or rice.
Don't have to have tortillas.
I love chicken at Mexican places.
Not a big fan of soup.

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