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6/3/11 3:18 P

It's always tough when that happens. My friends know I'm trying to watch my weight and some will still ask me if I want to try appetizers or offer me unhealthy food, and it's so hard to resist it sometimes. My dad always likes to make special things for me and my family when I go home, and he goes with the mentality of, "Calories don't count when you're at home." It's so hard to say, "I really shouldn't have that. I'm watching what I'm eating" because I know he's trying to be nice. However, sometimes it's necessary. I think it's fine if you explain to the person, "It looks great, but I'm really trying to be careful about my weight." I don't think there's any harm in saying that. Sure, they might say "this is why it's not unhealthy" or might feel a little miffed that you're "putting down" their food, but often enough, I've had people go, "Oh! I completely understand" or "that's such a good idea" etc. If they ask for you to taste something, and you actually want to, then only have a little bit. One chip with cheese, or one small bit of the appetizer instead of an entire serving.

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6/3/11 11:25 A

I don't think they're trying to sabotage you at all. I think they're just being sociable and they want you to enjoy yourself. If someone took the time, money and effort to make their specialty then they want people to try it. When you are refusing food, don't bring up the healthy/diet angle because that puts people on the defensive. Instead say things like:

-No thanks.
-I don't want to fill up before dinner. It looks so good!
-I had potato salad yesterday.
-I am still full from lunch.
-I am so thirsty. A big glass of water would really hit the spot!

If someone is really pushy then I will sometimes take the offered food. I'll maybe take a bite of it, thank them profusely, inquire about the ingredients, etc.

You don't ever have to eat what you don't want to eat. No one can force you. But you should be polite and gracious. Don't bring up healthy eating unless someone asks you about it specifically.

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6/3/11 9:05 A

I think it's really hard for people to accept change - I find people will still treat you the same even when you are trying really hard to make positive changes. I know that there will be times when I slip and reach in the bowl or eat something really bad for me to be "nice." But you know, I've been trying to accept it with the mantra "such is life." Life is meant to have fun, enjoy moments, and "slip" in moderation. I can't always be perfect with my eating - and frankly, that would be boring. Eat a handful, make not of it in you log, and spend an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill. Just make sure that the handful (or two or five) was worth it!

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6/2/11 10:45 P

I would have no problem saying no thank you. Some people know they need to make changes, but will allow temptations continue to get in the way of doing so. Change is hard and not everybody can adapt, but it's a must for a healthy lifestyle. Just yesterday I was standing in front of the vending machine at work and an another co-worker as well. I decided at the last minute that I didn't really want what was in the machine. I chose to drink some ice water instead and I was just fine after that water. I was so glad that I didn't feed that machine.

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6/2/11 1:49 P

Although I have already lost a noticeable amount of weight I am still the "fat girl" and whenever I am invited out or to a family members/friends house for dinner/cookout, there is consantly junk/fried foods placed out as finger foods to "hold everyone over" until the main meal is served. Problem is since I no longer pick at the finger foods and appitizers and wait for the main meal to be served, I am constantly being offered to "try some" or try someones unhealthy specialty and asked if I "feel ok" when I request a glass of ice water in place of soda pop which I have given up for over a year. I know these people are being polite and unoffensive, but How can I refuse without offending them?

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