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ANDILH Posts: 1,543
8/19/12 7:38 P

I'm a redhead with freckles and am actually allergic to UVA light, plus I have sensitive skin. Soo, I have tried just about every sunscreen there is. My favorites are the Neutrogena free and clear (they have SPFs up to 100!), they are sweat-proof and some are waterproof as well. The Free and Clears don't hurt your eyes, and the water-proof ones don't seem to irritate my skin. I reapply every few hours if I'm outside for more than about 90 minutes just in case but I'm been pretty lucky so far this year.

RDYNOW Posts: 511
8/19/12 6:57 P

Thank you friends for coming in and giving your advice. I went with Coppertone Sport Pro Series with Duraflex SPF 50. We were in the junkyard from 12 noon till 5 ish. It was hot so this old gal did sweat and the sunscreen held up real well. I didnt even reapply. No burn this time. emoticon

You guys are so helpful.


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8/17/12 6:21 P

REcently, I used Target's spray-on sport sunscreen. Yep, Target brand (walmart brand will likely be the same.) I'm a redhead... if I *think* about the sun too hard, I'll burn.

The only burn I got after *5 hours* in the sun in a bathing suit was on my thigh, where I missed it when I was applying. That was in and out of the ocean, chasing and picking up kids, and ZERO shade.

8/17/12 5:22 P

No one has mentioned the "waterproof" sunscreens, but they are available at the discount stores, too. With sensitive skin, you will just have to test what is alright for your skin.

The waterproof ones feel heavier, since they have to have something in them to resist water. They will be labeled "waterbabies," "bullfrog," or "sport" '- just read the labels.

It's a trade-off, as most things are. The lighter-weight ones have to be reapplied more often. What you can use just depends on your skin, but sun protection is most important - good job planning for it.

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CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
8/17/12 3:30 P

There was a story on the Today show this morning that said that people don't need to use any higher than spf 50. Anything higher is 1% more effective, but a lot more expensive.

You can use a parasol or beach umbrella to create some shade. Wear a wide brim sun hat. Spray sunscreen is a lot more convenient than creams that get all over anything you will be working on.

IMO sunscreen is worth the money to avoid bad burns and possible skin cancer.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/17/12 2:42 P

I dislike sunscreen, so I generally wear hats & long sleeves if I have to be in the sun. If you choose a light (as in not thick) fabric with a tight weave, it's the best sun protection ever & it really won't increase your body temperature much, especially if you take precautions like wetting yourself down & drinking lots of water.

Also, long sleeves & slacks or jeans might be better protection for other dangers of the junkyard, like accidentally stumbling against a metal car carcass that's been baking in the hot sun & burning yourself.

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8/17/12 1:31 P

Pretty much everything Aveeno makes is hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin. I have the same problem as you - really sensitive skin (I can't even wear make up on my face that's made for sensitive skin) and really pale. I use Aveeno.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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8/17/12 1:26 P

Oh and for my face, since I didn't want to put oily sunscreen on it, I just used my 18spf moisturizer, along with my 15spf foundation, and I didn't get burned there either.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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8/17/12 1:24 P

I like the Neutrogena 100+SPF spray sunblock. It's not the cheapest, around $9, but 1 can lasts a long time. It also smells decent, unlike a lot of spray sunblocks. I got it at my grocery store so I'm sure WalMart will carry it too. I've seen it at Target also. As you can see from my photo I am very fair too :) I went to a music festival in June for 4 days, and spent a lot of time in the sun, and it was HOT, 100+ degrees. I didn't get a sunburn at all in the entire 4 days. I was misting myself with a water mister, and sweating of course, but I'm not sure how well it'll work if you're dumping water on yourself. I also used it at a theme park a couple weekends ago and no sunburn there, except on my scalp, so be sure to wear a hat or some other kind of head covering :)

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (138,662)
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8/17/12 1:11 P

You can typically purchase sunscreen at any discount drug store or walmart. If you are fair skinned, you may want to make sure it's at least a 50SPF.

Be well,

RDYNOW Posts: 511
8/17/12 12:29 P

is something that I can pick up from Walmart. I am fair skin and burn fairly easily so I need a high spf and something that if I am getting very sweaty or putting water on myself it will stay on. Also, my skin is sensitive. DH and I are going back to the junkyard to pull parts off vehicles to keep our cost down on some fixes we have on our existing cars. It can get very hot out there and I end up cooling myself down by putting water on my skin.
Can you suggest the best sunscreens out there in your opinion for this.

Thanks everyone,

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