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10/20/12 8:46 A

Seems when I started feeling ill and gaining weight, I myself forgot the basics. Instead of nuturing my body, mind and soul I was living on a road of self destruction.

After being ill for so long, I began to look at my life and the lives of others with a new sense of purpose, and a new zest for life. It's a deep revelation that took place within me and I want to share this experience with you, so that you will also look at all the aspects of life with new eyes, a new sense of purpose, and become healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Stop! Look! Listen!
Stop beating yourself up for the things that you are not. Start cultivating the talents you have. Look and really see how others have succeeded. Gain all the knowledge you can. Listen to your heart, listen to your body, your mind, your soul. Be accountable for yourself and your actions.

There's a saying that goes
"Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe!"

We can't keep making excuses for our own laziness. We have to finally stop making other people our crutch, stand on our own two feet and paddle our own canoe.

Learn about nutrition, vitamins and minerals daily, even if you only learn about one food each day...teach your children and grandkids will gain the ultimate knowdlege to stay healthy.

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