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9/20/12 9:30 P

good idea

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9/19/12 5:33 P

A lot of people feel they "NEED" a dessert after their mains. You can factor this in by allowing it into your calorie intake. Just slightly reduce your calories at all your meals/snacks.


GDEDES147 Posts: 69
9/19/12 9:41 A

i too am a nighttime eater. after dinner i'm not even hungry but find myself wanting "dessert". i've switched up to 2 graham crackers but what bothers me is that i'm not even hungry.. there is just a trigger in my head. if someone has any advice on how to get rid or control that trigger i'd be most appreciative.

DOVE52 SparkPoints: (118,049)
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9/18/12 4:02 P

yes I like that too ..such a good idea

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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9/18/12 2:01 P

I love the frozen pineapple idea that was suggested. I am going to try that. : )

I eat about 5 times a day. (today it looks like it will be 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm) If I eat dinner around 5 or 6, i am usually ready for a snack before 9. I try to plan for this, and have some calories left for an evening snack. I am in bed by 10, but if I was up until midnight, i think i would be hungry for a second snack.

You are taking in less calories than you are used to.

Maybe try to plan for some evening snacks. Some of the snacks I have in the evening- Oatmeal (sparkpeople has a good recipe for peanut butter oatmeal), peanut butter (about a tablespoon) and an apple and some rice cakes, microwave popcorn (sparkpeople has a good recipe for microwave popocorn with parmesan cheese and chili powder). I have a cup of tea with my evening snack a lot.

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DOVE52 SparkPoints: (118,049)
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9/18/12 7:46 A

so much good advice here. I also struggle in the evening

HHAMPTON1013 Posts: 382
9/17/12 2:55 P

I use to have the same issue. I LOVE dinner time and eating at night its my favorite. I drink a lot of water to fill me up and for dinner I make a high protein meal with either fish/chicken, beans, and some vegetables. Because I am hungry at night as well I do a bigger portion of vegetables to become more filling. Its the less of worries for carbs, calorie, fat, and sugar intake. For something sweet I have a spoonful of peanut butter which is high in protein as well.. Protein is the tummy filler! As long as you fit into your daily nutritional tracker have no worries! :)

Also a quote that works for me is Nothing tastes better than skinny feels. This is posted on my fridge, hope this helps!

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JODNEX Posts: 1,815
9/15/12 9:11 A

Make sure you're drinking enough water. Try budgeting your calories so you have enough for later in the day. If you eat dinner at 5:00 or 6:00, it stands to reason that you're going to be hungry before bed. Plan on a healthy snack 3 hours after your dinner. I wouldn't recommend eating a lot before bed, or you could have trouble sleeping. Something small wouldn't hurt though, as long as you're under your daily limit.

SH9719 SparkPoints: (40,217)
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9/15/12 8:50 A

With so few calories to deal with its tough to eat late and stay in your ranges. I break my eating into 4 meals so I get to eat at night, but I have a lot more calories to deal with during the day. To expect not to eat from early evening until morning is not realistic. Somehow I would think you have to budget calories for that late night urge. Make sure you have something satisfying.

ZENSTEPH Posts: 85
9/14/12 3:09 P

I heard from a WW leader that by far, this is an issue most members deal with-and have to get a handle on to continue to lose weight. I find that if I turn to the wrong thing, I'll end up with an upset stomach and have trouble sleeping.

One suggestion I got ( and found helpful) was to get a pineapple, make slices and freeze them. I save these for a late night snack, as needed. Having the slices frozen slows down my eating. For me, the pineapple helps with the "mindless snacking" problem.

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9/13/12 7:31 P

I just had a peek at your Nutrition Tracker. I think you will find that the problem is there. Not many calories up until dinner time, and you are eating a very high fat/protein diet but a very low Carb diet. Some days the calories were barely the minimum recommended by SP, and then if exercise were added in, then you would need more. If you increased your fruit consumption, you might find that you are less hungry - the fibre helps with keeping us full, and of course there are loads of nutrients in them too.

Eating a very low calorie diet can actually sabotage your efforts for any weight-loss. A lot of people find that after a while they get bored or feel deprived and then end up throwing in the towel. This isn't about restriction - type of food or calories - it is about a healthy balance. I am sure that you won't suffer at all if you increase your general daily calories and carbs (complex, as in wholegrains etc. rather than processed foods) and you will find that you 'starving at night' will diminish!

The other thing I am wondering, did you SUDDENLY drop the calories? If so, this could be the reason. Just go back up to what you were eating and GRADUALLY drop back down in small increments. I had to do it in 50 calorie increments and allow my body to adjust before dropping further.


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OTTOLOVE Posts: 247
9/13/12 7:09 P

You will not get hungry if you have 20 grams of protein and keep your carbs or sugars down at the evening meal.

ELOQUENTZ SparkPoints: (6,833)
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9/13/12 1:21 P

Take a look at what you're eating during the day. Are you eating too much carbs and experiencing a sugar drop a few hours after dinner? Protein and fat keep us fuller longer where carbs give us that quick fix now. Watch out for fruit infused water which seems to be gaining popularity. I don't think people realize just how much sugar gets infused as well. It's much different than adding a single slice of lemon or orange to your glass.

MILADY_LCF Posts: 1,008
9/13/12 12:22 P

I get off work at 11p - if I get off on time emoticon
So guess what, I often eat my last meal around 9 pm, last night I actually ate it at 10pm! The key I have found is to plan that. I eat breakfast around 9am, I have another small meal/large snack between 1 and 3pm, depending on when I get hungry. I eat again between 630pm and 730pm and then dinner usually around 9p like I said before.
The main concern with eating late is how you sleep and if you'll get indigestion. Some people are more prone to it than others.
Do what works for you!

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9/13/12 9:23 A

ditto, I need a little something before I go to bed. Most times healthy...dried apricots and walnuts....weight watchers string cheese and a piece of fruit ....I just make sure I count it in my daily totals. I always plan my day's meals in advance so I know I will have room for this snack.

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9/13/12 8:24 A

I always have a snack later at night because I get hungry too. If I don't plan to save at least 100 or 200 calories for it, I just end up thinking, "Oh well! I blew the whole day! Better eat everything in sight!" and tear into a box of cookies or something. There's nothing wrong with planning a little snack in there!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,328)
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9/13/12 6:07 A

If you are hungry, EAT! I ALWAYS eat before going to bed - usually around 11:30 PM - If I don't I either can't get to sleep or get woken up with nausea and hunger PAIN. I always make allowances for this, tho'. It doesn't really matter if you eat later at night - but I wouldn't recommend eating a large or rich meal immediately before going to bed.


MARIA11X Posts: 532
9/12/12 10:39 P


I think it would be fine for you to eat at 9pm, as long as you keep it under 200 calories, and it's not something spicy or like that it would cause you to have upset stomach or indigestion. I am often hungry right before bed, because I tend to eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours. I find that a greek yogurt is just enough, it has more protein than other yogurts to keep you full, and I think it is a healthy enough snack for nighttime. I find when I don't eat at night, I am kept awake by tummy growls and hunger pains. Another good thing to try is hard-boiled eggs if you like them. Not too many calories and a good protein source and nutrients.


MSOMAMA2 Posts: 44
9/12/12 10:02 P

I find myself doing great during the day with my eating. I eat between 1200-1500 calories a day depending on my workout schedule. I get off work at around 9pm and am starving. I normally eat dinner at work between 5pm and 6pm.What can I eat to satisfy me without going overboard? Am I eating too late at 9pm? I tend to be so hungry I just eat and eat and eat whatever is in the fridge. Thanks:)

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