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JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
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2/8/13 4:08 P

Thanks all, Ill try this. Someone asked about pounds a week. I didnt really put anything in there, SP set that goal for me. And yes, I usually try and workout 6-7 days a week. Doesnt always happen, and if I have been doing well throught the week, I will take an xtra day off.

I will try and up my fruits and veggies and also eat more chicken. With my job, the gym, and kids it is very difficult to not make quick and easy box meals :). But, Im working on that and want to actually start cooking on the weekends for the week. I may try that this weekend and see if it works.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/8/13 6:29 A

Not sure if you plan to work out 7 days a week, but you did it from the 3rd to the 7th. You seem to be averaging about 450 calories a day, so just multiply that by the days you work out. Around 3000 calories a week, if you work out daily. Input that, and see what your range is.

The other factor is how fast you want to lose. Check your lbs that you want to lose, and how many weeks. Making your goal 1 lb a week, instead of 2 will up your range considerably.

I burn around 4200 calories a week, and weigh 212, and my range is 2,220 - 2,570. I had to lower my weight loss to 1 lb a week. In theory, if you want to lose 1 lb instead of 2 a week, you can eat 500 extra calories.

Maybe if your range was around 1850, instead of 1350 average, you wouldn't be starving. Better to lose slower, and be able to stick to your diet, than to starve yourself to lose 2 lbs a week, and quit in a month. Plus, it will make it more likely that you do the exercise, if you are not starving. I would pick a calorie level to burn, and set it up, get a range, and eat in the middle of it, and work out till I burned the calories I planned to. That way, you can get steady weekly weight loss.

With 46 weeks left, you could lose 46 lbs by New Year's. It would be much nicer to get to Onederland, but faster, isn't always better.

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CHILDSCA1 Posts: 28
2/8/13 12:00 A

I looked at your shared food tracker too. What a nice thing to be able to share with each other and help each other out....anyway, I don't see too many fruits and vegetables and whole grains. I noticed (granted I only looked at the last 2 days) that there are a lot of empty carbs. You've been eating simple carbs, which is fine to an extent. However, a complex carb takes longer to digest like an orange, say. Simple carbs, like white bread, cookies, chips, cause a spike in blood sugar and then this crazy drop and craving. Put more light protein in like almonds, chicken and fruits and vegies. I think it'll work. It's just a matter of re-structuring your foods. emoticon

35BYMAY SparkPoints: (1,477)
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2/7/13 9:28 P

never have I, as well, been able to eat at the low range of my allotment. I am only content at 1500 cals minimum (usually 1600). Because of this, I make sure to just get my rump to the gym or do a DVD every day to allow for eating at the top of the range

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/7/13 9:14 P

"So if I put in an estimate, will it readjust my calorie intake?"

It may. Updating that information doesn't *always* trigger an update, but it can!

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
2/7/13 9:09 P

I'm jumping in here late, but I didn't see anyone mention this (on top of the other helpful feedback).... watch out for MSG and MSG similar additives in canned/boxed/anything. It will rev up your appetite and keep you from feeling full and satisfied.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,246
2/7/13 9:05 P

I know that feeling, of drinking the dreading water, leaves me feeling like a bottomless well, never has that tip helped me to feel fuller. It takes time to get used to eating more veggies and fruits, and save some fruits for snacks, so you don't have to wait so long between meals, and therefore, you don't get so hungry. My dietitian insists I eat to the top of my daily calories, 1,550, because semi starving never worked for long anyway. Divide up your meals and snacks, and see if that helps, it is, after all, a lifetime thing, and that is how you would eat normally.

AMYLT29 SparkPoints: (2,167)
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2/7/13 8:52 P

Funny thing about your post, I just read another post about wanting to eat less calories.

Best advice, stay within your calorie range. Dietitians and nutritionists monitor and support SP which would make SP only give you something your body can handle.

Do some homework and compare. Sure, you can eat a chocolate bar, its going to have X number of calories and not be as filling as a meal, but, when you flip that around, you can take that number of calories and put it into a meal and expand it out with vegetables and protein - much more filling calories - and have a much larger portion to fill your plate.

My friend is a nutritionist, she challenged me with this and it truly makes a difference. She said... ENJOY YOUR FOOD. Take a bite, put the fork, spoon, whatever is in your hand down. Chew, you're not in a chewing marathon, take your time and enjoy the flavors. Grab a glass of water and have at least 1-2 sips and repeat. Too often do we mistake thirst for hunger which causes us to overeat.

Also, another great tip I've picked up over the years, try drinking 8oz of water 30minutes prior to your meal time, you'll actually be eating what your body is asking for. During mid-morning, mid-afternoon when you'd want to snack, try drinking a glass of water and see how you feel 30-minutes later just to be sure you're not mistaking the thirst for hunger.

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JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
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2/7/13 8:26 P

So if I put in an estimate, will it readjust my calorie intake?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/7/13 8:23 P

I would recommend entering a weekly calorie burn in your fitness goals; the daily thing isn't as accurate, and since you're tracking your fitness already, you should have a good idea of what that weekly number is. :)

JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
Fitness Minutes: (2,980)
Posts: 65
2/7/13 8:19 P

So how do I estimate that? This is the first week I have really been doing ALL of the exercises I want to do. I am actually debating taking another rest day since I do so much 5 days a week. Just have an issue with slacking. I really want to stick to this and I know myself and if I allow a little slack now, i will take more later, and start to tumble off the wagon.

JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
Fitness Minutes: (2,980)
Posts: 65
2/7/13 8:17 P

I guess I could eat at the top range. I really try and stick to the middle, but I guess even if I hit the highest number, I will still stay on track.

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KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,670)
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2/7/13 8:00 P

If you're exercising more, thus burning more calories, update your fitness goals in "fitness setup" in my fitness, scroll down to where it says "if you know how many calories you burn each week, enter it here" and give it a rough estimate; you can always go back and update this number. The amount you need to eat MIGHT go up, it depends how many more calories you plan to burn. And seriously, if you're hungry, by all means, EAT! (healthy, of course!)

2/7/13 7:56 P

I see in your nutrition tracker calorie intakes of 1242, 1358, are not even eating at the top of the range which is 1550.

If you are hungry, then eat more.

SP Dietitian Becky

JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
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2/7/13 7:45 P

Lets see. You have the calorie range perfect!!! I have checked my fitness goals I think. Is that where you put in what exercises you will do each day/week? I just updated it today because I added more working out throughout the week. The final weight loss looks like it will be in May. It is only a first goal; however SP put this goal in for me. Could it be so low due to my fitness routine?

NIKKIKERN12 Posts: 766
2/7/13 7:41 P

yes, it should get better each day! Also try to eat protein and fiber packed foods to help you stay fuller longer. I'm usually more hungry at night so I always add a side salad to my dinner and it's only about 80 calories (2 cup of romaine and light balsamic dressing). I also eat many, many apples when I am hungry, the extra water in apples seems to help. You can also chew gum. And sometimes nothing works so I try to eat something small if I'm still not satisfied, an ounce of cheese, a tbsp of peanut butter, 3 rice cakes (all that air makes them filling). Hang in there and it will get better!!! emoticon on the 13 pounds!!!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/7/13 7:37 P

What is your current calorie range? Have you double-checked your fitness goals? Sometimes, when you update your nutrition goals, it will reset your fitness without your permission. ;)

Looking at your shared trackers, I'm going to guess your range is 1200-1550. At your weight, that's likely too low, and that's definitely part of the problem! I'd be starving at that little. The absolute minimum I can eat and keep my body happy is around 1500-1600, and I weigh less than you.

You're burning an average of 500 calories a day; you definitely need to update your fitness goals, and evaluate your weight loss date. You should be able to safely lose about 2 lbs per week, but make sure your date isn't set to be unreasonably close.

JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
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2/7/13 7:27 P

I put my weight in this Monday and they suggested I re-evaluate my calories since i have lost between 10-15 pounds (13 to be exact emoticon ). Anyway, they have dropped between 200-300 calories off of my daily allowance.

Anyway, since yesterday I have been starving between meals. I am staying within range for everything, I have even adjusted my workout routine on here since I have added some days, but it didnt add additional calories.

I dont mind the lower calories at all, what I do mind is the feeliing starving all the time. I have tried drinking water and it doesnt work. Ive gotten up and did something else.I just know if this feeling lasts I will just start grabbing for anything to fill it.

Will this feeling go away once my body acclimates to the lower calories?

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