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12/31/13 11:46 P

Every program sounds good
However there are no miracles
You need to be willing to do the work
One day at a time

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12/15/13 12:06 P

I want to apologize to anyone that thought i pisted this fir the sole purpose of trying to make money that was not my intention. To be completely honest and up front, yes if someone uses my url and purchases something i do make a commission. With that said that is not the full reason i put it there. I stand behind the beachbody products but if you find something cheaper, or free by all means go for it. I just wanted to provide information for other options. I also thought if anyone out there already had this program we could use this thread to support each other and help keep each other motivated. The main thing is to find something that works for you and keep moving :) if we can help each other along the way all the better.

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12/15/13 9:41 A

You can pay all of that money, or you can find exercise programs for free on SparkPeople. and other places - @Raven - given the URL I know you'll make the commission (I guess capitalism is a good thing, but I still cringe when I see it wrapped up in a "hey I'm doing this isn't it a good thing") - but I find that if I pull out my version of P90x or any other program, all I need is the willpower to load the disc (or show up at the gym) - Why wait until the 25th, the 16th, or the 12th of never? Start.... TODAY!

RAVENHAWK_49417 Posts: 14
12/14/13 11:01 A

I havent seen all the programs on spark people but yes it is a very good and very affective workout. If you want to see more about it look here for information. You can see short videos and more information on T25.

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12/13/13 9:30 P

Is it really better than the programs on Spark People? I would be too tight to spend that kind of money! Why would shipping cost $20.00?

RAVENHAWK_49417 Posts: 14
12/13/13 9:16 P

Yes it is a bit expensive if you buy from beachbody but when you think about what is yoyr health worth??

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12/13/13 11:06 A

I finished T-25 last month. It is tough, but well worth it. I travel a lot and found this program easy to do (no weights or gym equipment necessary). I could do the exercises in the hotel room and it only took 25 minutes. For those who say they can not find 25 minutes to workout, I say check what you do during the day; you will probably find the 25 minutes.

BTW, I lost 16lbs and 2 inches around my waist without changing my eating habits (which are not the best when you travel). I have now started the insanity workouts and have lost another 4 lbs in 2 weeks.

Good luck to all who try this program. I am sold.

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12/12/13 8:22 P

If people really cared about other people getting healthy and losing weight, I think they would offer their products for less money. The Focus T-25 program is made by Shaun T (made Insanity) and costs 3 payments of $39.95 and $20 shipping. I want to try a Beach Body program but they are always sooo expensive.

RAVENHAWK_49417 Posts: 14
12/12/13 5:58 P

I started T25 this past Monday. Tomorrow is my last day of week 1. Its tough but doable. I thought I was going to quit after day 3. I couldnt complete the Total Body Circuit workout. I actually posted in the fitness challenge section about starting a challenge in January for this workout. If you are interested post on that thread and maybe we can help each other through this workout.

For anyone else who doesnt know what it is. T25 is a beachbody workout. it is a high intensity workout that uses cardio along with things like squats, planks, push ups etc in 30 minute work outs 5 days a week. You sweat and its hard but soo worth it

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12/12/13 3:47 P

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12/12/13 2:35 P

T-25 is a 25 minute BeachBody workout program.... 39.95 + 19.95 s&h!
google it - you'll find it

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12/12/13 2:29 P

Hit a plateau.....What is T-25? I'll start Monday Dec. 16 but I need to know what I'm doing! Thanks! emoticon

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12/12/13 1:59 P

I second that. What is the T-25?

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12/12/13 1:51 P

What is the T-25?

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12/12/13 11:58 A

Wish i had the time and discipline for it. Know it's on tv often but...can't fit it in. Wish you the BEST OF LUCK!!!

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12/11/13 12:21 P

Is there anyone on here who is starting T-25 on Monday December 16th, 2013?

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