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Your weight can fluctuate about 5 pounds on any given day due to various factors, including what you ate, drank, last went to the bathroom, (if you are female, it could fluctuate with your cycle), etc. so it could just be a part of that. However, when you start exercising, or start a new exercise program, your body can retain water during that time, causing some people to see a little increase on the scale or no change on the scale. This page goes into more detail about that process:
. This is a normal response and your body will stop retaining that water as it gets used to your exercise program. It's hard to say one way or the other what is the cause of the weight increase, but I would say it's likely one or both of these things happening for you.

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I've been doing cardio regularly over the past month and I'm steadily losing 0.75-1 pound per week. I decided to get a personal trainer a couple weeks ago to add some ST to my routine. My plan was to do it Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Unfortunately, due to life getting in the way, I was only able to ST on the past two Saturdays and not during the week. I weighed myself this morning and noticed my weight was slightly up. Could just those two days of ST be enough to make the scale go up? I'm not worried about the weight increase since it was slight. I was just curious if it was muscle related or not.

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