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11/28/12 3:59 P

eat anywhere you want in that range. Some days you will eat 1500, some day 1300. It all averages out. If you aim for the bottom, you are shrinking your range to 1200-1350. Some days you will need an extra 200 calorie snack. Aim for 1300, and have a snack ready if you feel hungry.Your daily calories will vary, but you just need to stay in your range.

It isn't that complicated. You will lose weight eating anywhere in the range. Most important is to not try to limit yourself to the 1200, and then cheat because you are hungry.

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11/28/12 3:55 P

Just added confirmation ... when you get down to your last 10-20 pounds to reach your goal, weight loss slows down considerably unless, of course, you exercise more and/or eat less. I'm living this at the moment, and have lived it before, though I think this will be the last time!!

Best to you on your journey ...

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
11/28/12 2:03 P

How much weight do you have to lose? If it's not much than 2 pounds per week might not be reasonable.

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11/28/12 11:37 A

Did you calculate your BMR and then add in the activity multiplier? BMR doesn't mean much of anything unless you add in the activity multiplier. If your BMR is 1500 and then you add in an activity rate of 1.55 (the one for someone who is moderately active), you get 2325 (16275 a week). That is theoretically what you would eat to maintain where you are at. Since you want to lose 2lbs a week, that means you need to burn 7000 calories a week. Take your weekly maintenance calories and subtract the 7000 (16275-7000) then divide by 7, and you get 1325 calories per day. That is (theoretically) where you need to eat to get to your goal.

HOWEVER, this is just a theoretical number. My BMR with activity level is around 1740 (I minimally exercise). Once I hit my goal weight I started eating around this amount, and I've lost 4 more lbs in a little less than 2 months. So, there is an element of experimentation that goes into it.

I would also keep in mind that 2lbs a week is a very aggressive goal, unless you are very overweight. Most normal people lose less than that per week. So, if you don't get that every week do not get discouraged.

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11/28/12 11:26 A

Hi all! I have a quick question and was wondering if someone could please help in answering it... Sparkpeople gave me a calorie range of 1200 to 1550 but I am unsure at what end of the range I am supposed to eat at. It just seems that a 350 calorie difference could make a huge impact on trying to lose weight. I hate to take advantage of the 1550 and gain weight! I calculated my BMR to be at 1500 calories. My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week and to exercise 6 days a week for 45 mins. Also as far as the macros go,I have been researching the macros for a 1200 calorie diet on another site and it gives me completely different macros for the same calorie level that SP gives you. I am so confused :(

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