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7/10/14 10:58 A

Thanks - That will be good when we can track this.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
7/7/14 9:41 P

Spark does not track it because that breakdown is not required to be on labels. You need to look at the ingredient list to determine where sugar is coming from in the food (ie if the sugar in the yogurt is coming from lactose or cane sugar or hfcs).

7/7/14 9:41 P

It is basically useless to even try to track sugar currently because the sugar listing on a food label includes the "added sugar" (table sugar, honey, brown sugar, syrups, etc) but "also" the natural sugar in fruit, yogurt, milk, etc.

No food label contains the "amount" of artificial sweeteners either.

So while we could add the category, you would not have anything to track or the tracking would be inaccurate. Does this make sense? is on the way (hopefully in the next 12-18 months). The government is working on new labeling laws so that sugar will be just that...ADDED SUGAR. As soon as that happens---Sparkpeople will be updating our tracking tools.

For artificial sweeteners---you will need to read the ingredient list. There is no way to track amounts now or in the future.

your SP Registered Dietitian

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/7/14 9:20 P

oh, lol...ok.

I don't need to track sugars, so...anyway, maybe Dietician Becky can answer your question.

7/7/14 9:17 P

Thanks, Eelpie - I can see that.

But the issue is that there are other sugar, sugar substitutes and natural sugars not listed. It might make people more aware if they could add all these things together to get a total figure and x amount of teaspoons a day figure too.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/7/14 9:09 P

You can add sugar, fructose and glucose, sucrose to your tracker.

7/7/14 9:01 P

Like many others, one of the reasons for me trying to become healthier is due to hearing about the negative impact of too much sugar and how much is in the foods we eat.

I'm trying to live a sugar-free lifestyle, apart from fructose from fruit and natural sugars found in plain natural yoghurt. I'm avoiding refined sugar, sugar substitutes and natural sugars like honey. I've been doing this for a month now and it's going well. I feel so much calmer (dropped caffeine too), have lost weight and don't have any more major cravings.

On my Nutrition Tracker it gives the option to track other things (like iron), apart from the standard cals / carbs / fat and protein. But I don't see any option to track sugar, sugar substitutes and natural sugars like honey in this category.

I know that I can separately add a tracker for this. However, I think that it would be better if the different names for all of the sugars, sugar substitutes and natural sugars were listed as a sub group under sugar so that they could be added up together. It would also be great if you could then work out the daily amount you'd consumed in teaspoons (4g = 1 teaspoon).

I think these options should be added because this is a topic that people are becoming more aware of. SP even has articles describing all the different types of sugar, including sugar substitutes and natural sugars like honey.

I'd like to know what other people think. Especially those who have similar aims to me with regard to cutting out sugar.

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