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7/14/14 6:21 A

the menus are not really planned ahead so much as randomly pulled out of a list of options with the proper tags by a computer. they're a lot better than they used to be [talk to me when you get 7 or 8 pbjs in a week], but they still aren't as good as a human brain. if you don't want the same thing, click on one of them and a list of alternatives will pop up. the more options you have ticked off on the meal plan, the smaller the pool of available tagged meals is. same goes for calories. fewer meals fit into the 1200-1550 range than the higher ranges.

the guidelines that the computer uses are human set. and yes, sometimes not everything adds up exactly to where it should be. but like everything else should, it gets you where you need to be on average. and if you want to hit everything all the time, all you need to do is to plan a small snack to add in. which you could do if you're still hungry or skip if you're not. the computer still leaves you a little room to customize if you need to.

fyi the minimum protein recs are based on weight loss studies, not on what your body actually needs. if you're female odds are that uninflated number is more like 45-50. though if you do feel better with more protein, add more protein. even just add a second entry for a higher protein source [ie have 1/2 cup lentils instead of 1/4 cup or 5-6 oz of chicken instead of three] already on the plan and that will make up the difference.

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7/13/14 10:10 P

I usually plan all my own foods each day, but was having trouble meeting the suggested guidelines. So I brought up the SP menu plan for tomorrow, thinking it was enough time to get in supplies to follow it for a day. But when I added up the protein column, I found that there were only 51 grams of protein. My guideline suggests that for my age and weight I get a minimum of 60. Why would there be such a discrepancy when the meals are planned way ahead and the guidelines are all set? And if they are not planned to meet the guidelines, how could one depend upon them to obtain the best nutrition?
Second question: I've noticed several times that the suggestions for lunch have the same items as the dinner menu. That's pretty boring to eat the same thing over and over throughout the week.

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