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MARJIE7 Posts: 1
6/11/09 7:22 A

There is always hope ,never give up

LINDAANNB1 Posts: 516
6/11/09 7:21 A

I totally agree. The stories I hear from others on this site are really motivational. If I'm having a rough day all I have to do is go on this site and read what others are doing. It really helps to know that others understand what you are going through and are there to lend their support.
I have a lot to lose but I have read some of the success stories about people that were my size at the beginning and have reached their goals and I know that someday I will be one of those success stories too. I am so glad I joined sparkpeople. One of the best things I've ever done.

KELLI9001 SparkPoints: (32,597)
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Posts: 3,480
6/11/09 7:20 A

There are all sorts of people on SP who thought their goals were impossible and yet everyday SP brings us stories of success.

6/11/09 7:18 A

That was exactly what I needed to read as I started today! Thank you for your inspirational words!

We CAN do this!

NEECYANNE56 Posts: 927
6/11/09 7:18 A

I joined SP as a last resort. I'm over 50 and I thought, If I don't do something now I will never do it! Now, I'm almost 20 pounds down (averaging a 2 lb. per week weight loss) and not only do I feel great but I too have hope! Thanks for a wonderful post!

ATT_GRAT Posts: 16
6/11/09 7:06 A

Thank you so much...loved reading that!
You are so right, sometimes it's really difficult to hold onto that hopeful, positive outlook...but it's that quality in the people on this website that keeps bringing me back to try again!

MISSIONPT! Posts: 11
6/11/09 7:06 A

Throughout my life I have been motivated by reading accounts of individual successes. Here is another that has certainly touched lives and inspired others to pull themselves from inaction, even despair, and move toward their goals. As a fitness trainer it is my job to inspire people to change their thinking, their processes, their habits and make the change they desire. It is a tough job at times. Embedded in many are lives full of failure, or negative self-talk and core beliefs, abuse and even physical limitations. But what I notice is that in all of the successful people, there is this "spark" however dim, of desire, persistence, anger, fear, that motivates them to take simple small steps to begin a new process of change. One poster here wrote of all the accounts of success she had read...well, SHE read them. She kept reading them. Finally, she had read enough and what happened? Her thinking changed. She saw that it was possible to rise. SHE changed her thinking through a process of persistaence and desire. If we know people who have lost that spark, let's help them find it again, in those who have it, let's feed it. This is one true beauty of the human race.

NAYNAY69 SparkPoints: (46,205)
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Posts: 1,565
6/11/09 7:01 A

I was in your same shoes when I found SP and it opened my eyes and gave me hope too. One step at a time and it does give me hope that I can follow in their footsteps. You put my thoughts and feelings perfectly into words!

MISSPHYL513 Posts: 1
6/11/09 6:55 A

Great Post!

NIZHONI1 Posts: 27
6/11/09 6:53 A

Loved your post - thanks for the honesty of it, and good luck with the journey!

ABKBJB Posts: 2
6/11/09 6:48 A

This post sort of got me thinking. I joined this April before I fell and broke my leg. I was way off track to begin with, but that injury just left me totally hopeless. I was moving around all of my extra weight on crutches and a cast. I am fine all day at work with my eating. I brown bag a healthy lunch. But, after work when I get home, I eat until I can't anymore. This is a relatively new problem for me, only within the past year that this pattern has defeated me. I don't know what to do. I know how to eat right and I've lost a lot of weight before, but have gained it all back and more. I feel like I'm so out of control. I don't know how I can make myself stop this destructive behavior.

6/11/09 6:47 A

Thank you. This post came at just the right time.

SWILLS52 Posts: 6
6/11/09 6:45 A

what a great really helps 2 read these posts.I'm into my 3 week,reading these posts helps me stay on track,and know I'm not alone.

GRANDMAMOORE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 53
6/11/09 6:44 A

Really needed that message this morning. I, myself have tried over and over to lose weight. It would go very well for a few weeks, and then I would slip back into the old routine. Reading all the successes and problems of everyone else- gives you the needed inspiration to keep going. So......... keep on trudging everyone- we are all into this together and that sure helps.

6/11/09 6:31 A

It is truly inspiration to believe in your own ability...and even if you don't believe it 100% it's enough to push you to see if you can do it. "Nothing beats a failure than a try!"

HISOWN1 Posts: 7,701
6/11/09 6:30 A

I needed to see that message today - I always try to check to see my weight mid-week WHY I don't know and it always seems I weigh more mid week and on Saturday I have lost - can't figure that one out BUT I do know I feel better and the weight is coming off slowly

6/11/09 6:27 A

Good 4 u...keep up the good work!

6/11/09 6:27 A


TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
6/11/09 6:26 A

You can do it. Or as the Nike ad states: Just Do It! Be true to yourself and never lose sight of your dreams and goals.

6/11/09 6:26 A

Great post. Thank you for putting my same feelings into words. emoticon

ACOUSIN Posts: 2
6/11/09 6:23 A

Great post! You are so correct. Thanks for reminding us that everyone can do it.

NJHAHN Posts: 2
6/11/09 6:16 A

Thank you.

CELIYAH12 Posts: 1
6/11/09 6:15 A

Awesome post, so true. I started with Sparkpeople and just did the food tracker for a month at first which was wasn't until I actually started reading peoples pages and posts that I actually started believing, if they can do it so can I!

6/11/09 6:15 A

I quite agree, SparkPeople gave me motivation, encouragement, hope and not only that. SparkPeople gave me the will and the belief that I had long lost.

So many people here, everyone with his own private thoughts, willing to share these thoughts. I was surprised to find out that my intimate thoughts about myself were shared by so many people. I was encouraged to reach out and talk (well... write) about my weight problem and about the steps I take to loose weight.

It is completely a new approach for me, an approach that works!


SHEGORMLEY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,786)
Posts: 162
6/11/09 6:14 A

Very true statement. It is exactly the reason why we are on SparkPeople, so we can see that others do it and we can do it too! Thank you.

DREMARGRL Posts: 11,552
6/11/09 6:09 A

emoticon THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! YOU HAVE NAILED IT ON THE HEAD! For many people, just listening to people that are upbeat and determined helps you to become that, too. Some of us are just "perky" people, but others just need a little nudge. Great going!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good post. emoticon

6/11/09 5:53 A

emoticon Since reading peoples advice on Sparkpeople, I am feeling much more motivated. In the last 5 years I have put on 5 stone, so that is 1 stone a year - he he, I can count!!!!, I am 53 and just started to give up. But since registering with Sparkpeople, I have realised you are never too old. I think I started to give up when I got divorced 12 years ago. I am a size 18 and am aiming to get back to my size of 12. Yesterday I started using the nutrition page and tracking my meals and that helps a great deal, especially when it works out the calories for you and also I started to do some pilates exercises. I have lost 5lbs so far and am getting more motivated. So a big thank you to everyone in the team and on the chat page. xx

IZZYJEAN Posts: 5,027
6/11/09 5:49 A

I agree, when I started it was coming on this site everyday that kept me moving forward and not giving up when I felt like I was getting know where!! Heck, I am still here everyday!! :-)

6/11/09 5:49 A

Just as I was ready to quit before I even started, I realized there are so many others in the same boat-all the ups and downs we go thru and its nice to know you can recognize the same plight. I appreciate your words and couldnt agree more. Best of luck on your progression and success!

IM_GETTIN_THIN SparkPoints: (281)
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Posts: 562
6/11/09 5:43 A

I must also agree it is very motivating to read that someone with so much weight to lose and so far to go has the courage to keep forging ahead in a healthy way and make progress. I have tried and failed countless times and stories like this and the encouragement of my sparkpeople friends is what keeps me going!
never give up.
~ lori ~ emoticon

JOVANA87 Posts: 40
6/11/09 5:37 A

I totally agree.I'm so inspired by those people who despite their own doubts and fears managed to fight off their demons and live healthier, prolonging and enriching their own life and the life of their families and friends.
I can't say I've ever been this motivated.

6/11/09 5:10 A

Yes! Hope definitely shines out and gives us the strength to take steps and take hold of ourselves and our lives! Thanks to all motivators!

COVEGIRL1 Posts: 9,582
6/11/09 4:53 A

I fully understand how you felt. It can be so discouraging, but being able to talk about it helps so much. It makes forging ahead so much easier. emoticon emoticon

CATMEER Posts: 1
6/11/09 4:43 A

What a great message! I am a firm believer in "taking the first step", it usually leads to several more steps and on the road to a healthier me, ANY steps are a good thing. When I hit that plateau and the motivation and the scale are stuck in the same place, I try to make believe this is the first day of my new plan and I'm starting over. It often re-energizes me and keeps me moving forward.

WOLFKITTY SparkPoints: (72,885)
Fitness Minutes: (49,345)
Posts: 25,717
6/11/09 4:25 A

When I first joined SparkPeople I wasn't even looking to lose weight or change my lifestyle. A friend recommended the site because of its social aspect. After joining, I continued to think I'd be fat for the rest of my life... Until I started reading the success stories of people like me.

It's those success stories that helped me spring into action and it's SparkPeople's fantastic tools that made it possible for me to find that same success.

I absolutely agree with the original post by FADUCK.

DISNEYPARIS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (33,023)
Posts: 1,189
6/11/09 4:03 A

I am sooooo glad l found sparkpeople.When l first started on SP reading what others had achieved, even just seeing people's weightloss countdowns/tickers gave me such hope & motivation. Also the tools, great articles, teams & friends l've found along the way have been a real help to me. So far l've lost 44lb, another 32lb to go - l will get there.

Good luck to everyone - you can reach your goals.


6/11/09 3:33 A

I was looking at chat forums for gastric banding when i came across a spark member (I just wish i'd taken more notice of their name!) who was extolling the virtues of the tools and support here...

at first i was a bit unsure about the daily sparkmails, i felt a bit harrassed, to be honest - but then i got to thinking 'these people are taking time out of their day to speak to me, the only benefit is mine' and that, for me, is when it clicked!

i have lost more than 30% of my excess weight and would not begin to consider the drastic step of surgery now! not only that, but i have a whole new perspective on life - the daily exercise has changed my perception of myself, has erased my depression and i truly feel that i am doing something for ME!

GREYHAIRMAMA - I find it easier to go to the start page and step-by-step work my way along the bar with 'my nutrition' etc on it. When you get to the section for your sparkpoints, work your way through that list doing the things that you choose. I have found this a great way to utilise all the support on sparkpeople!

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YIGOBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (209,194)
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Posts: 29,590
6/11/09 3:19 A

Most of us have tried dieting before. I have learned that diet, exercise and drinking 8+ glasses of water a day are needed. I don't know what weight you started with but many started with more than I did. I would like to continue with the drop that I have had but I do not plan to quit. Yes, I have hope of meeting my goals!
Stick with it one day at a time.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

6/11/09 3:11 A

As a beginner, I am encouraged by this note and look forward to reading some of the success stories. It takes me awhile to fumble about the site and even that is simply part of the learning curve. Hope always looks forward to success. Discouragement usually focuses in on failure and frustration. Even after 2 years of limiting calories consumed and a few blind stabs at regular exercise I was VERY discouraged. Just the name of the site is enough to bring back a smile and that magic word HOPE. I don't have to do this thing alone!

CVSK12 Posts: 90
6/11/09 3:04 A

Yes, it is possible. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Start with behavioral changes. Forget the mentality and messages sent by certain very popular programs. If you are a person of faith, develop your faith. "A year from now, you will wish you had begun". I was 303 lbs. and am now 185. With more to go. A ten-month plateau almost broke me. Except during the process I began to understand science is science and right is right and at some point the plateau would break. It really all has to do with our mind sets not our mirrors. When I would ''fail'' I slowly began to see it as ''learning''. NOT Failure. YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.

6/11/09 3:03 A

That was such a pick up first thing in the morning, giving me just what I needed. Excellent and thankyou.

MISSZ1 Posts: 582
6/11/09 2:46 A

Congrats on finding a positive attitude and some much needed hope.

As one of those very big women who took the first step... *blushes* Yeah it is hard, and the formula can be rather simple.

But it's Eat Right, Exercise within your means, and Sleep 8 hours a day.

[I wasn't eating enough! I had to massively increase my daily calories to lose weight.]

RASHETTA33 Posts: 16
6/11/09 2:28 A

Good luck!! I know that you can do it!! Weight Watchers does work!! Stick to it and it will help you.. emoticon

KESNESS Posts: 14
6/11/09 2:27 A

"What more can be said than 'eat less, exercise more.'?"

I have to address this. There are more reasons than eating too much and not exercising enough for people to be fat. I'm not saying that those reasons are what are responsible for most people being fat, or even ME being fat. But one of the reasons every single "diet" and exercise regimen strongly suggests (at least) consulting with a physician before embarking on such is because there *ARE* other underlying causes, and ones that may need to be checked out. Not every fat person is a lazy slob.

So yes, there is a lot more that can be said other than "eat less and exercise more."

SONRIDGE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 39
6/11/09 2:19 A

Yes, incredibly I've stayed motivated too - for several months now - even tho' my losing pace has been just fractions of a pound each week. I know it's because of the support and friends I have on Spark People! Seeing others who have started out with much more than I have to lose, has really inspired me. Yes, there's a huge gap between hopelessness and hope. Thanks for all the hope I've gotten from my SP friends! emoticon emoticon emoticon Here we come!! emoticon

NEWMOMOVER40 SparkPoints: (19,765)
Fitness Minutes: (24,281)
Posts: 1,107
6/11/09 2:05 A

Beautifully said!

6/11/09 1:36 A

wow i really needed to read that when i did it was kind of eerie i was checking my email it opened on its own when i signed into my aol account sometimes it does that or i might have just deleted w/o reading tomorrow am i start a new day back on the weight watchers it will be hard but i can do it

JEN146 Posts: 919
6/4/09 10:49 P

I couldn't agree more. This website is absolutely amazing.

6/4/09 11:12 A

that's a great post. I agree that Spark offers hope. It also offers the means to act on that hope - information, tools, resources, and support. On Spark, you're no longer floating out there all alone without the first clue of how to begin, or what is correct, without a cheering squad behind you....

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,772
6/4/09 9:43 A

SUBJECT: The Difference Between Hopelessness and Hope


I just read the account of a woman who started at 360 pounds and has lost 85 so far.

I joined SparkPeople with the worst attitude. I mean, I was SO discouraged and SO sick and tired of trying to manage my eating habits. I really didn't want anything to do with a bunch of perky people giving me stupid "diet advice" I mean, puleese! What more can be said than "eat less, exercise more." Blahblahblah. But then I read one account of someone who'd lost over a hundred pounds, then another, then a bunch more, on and on... In spite of myself, I started paying attention, started feeling like "I can do this. It's NOT impossible!"

Wow, what a difference between hopelessness and hope.

You know what SparkPeople really does best? It offers hope. How can anyone not believe that maybe...maybe...maybe it could be possible for me?

Reading stories like that one, and others--story after story of people from all walks of life, at all ages and stages, at all levels of physical health who are losing massive amounts of weight, learning to take care of themselves, finding renewed self esteem and energy in their lives is just awe inspiring.

The amount of bravery it would take for a person who weights 360 pounds to take the first step towards a better life absolutely inspires me. I know the number of failures that came before. Failures that just grind a person down into hopelessness.

Hope shines out for all of us when we read stories like this.

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