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3/30/13 1:52 P

Every 10-15 pounds or so you lose, we recommend going in and updating your current weight. To do this, click on the Change link next to your weight loss goal and you can update it from there. This may or may not change your recommended calorie range.

Coach Jen

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3/30/13 9:41 A

I think you have to update it (that doesn't cause you to lose your history though, if you do it right). I know when I lost 10 pounds I got a window that came up that said I needed to make sure my goals were still accurate and to adjust them accordingly. It also gave directions, but I don't remember them...

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3/30/13 7:53 A

If you choose SP weight loss goal, will it automatically adjust your calorie intake after so much weight loss? Is it up to me to decide? My calorie limit tops out at 1500, but I've lost 25 pounds and seem to yo-yoing again. Is it time to adjust calories? Unfortunately I cant do a whole lot with my workout routine right now, although I do plan to get outside more since the weather is improving.
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