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9/16/11 11:51 P

Great request. I'll go to her page right now :)

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9/16/11 2:03 P

on my way!!

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9/16/11 9:22 A


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9/16/11 9:00 A

Hey all! i have a little favor to ask of you....i got my mom to start sparking last weekend!! unbelievable, we have been to the gym 4 mornings in a row, and i don't want her to lose her momentum! she hasn't added any SPfriends yet, but posted a status this morning about a crab fest she's going to this weekend, asking for tips how to get through while sticking to her newfound SP ways. if any of you could just go to her page (winealittle ; she's on my friends list) and comment her about tips or tricks you use in a sticky situation, that would be AWESOME!!! spark has been a guiding light so far, and i don't want her to lose that light this weekend! i know how much feedback can help when sparking..thanks for reading all, have a great day!!

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