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2/20/13 12:18 P

Rest is when your muscles grow - give it a day of lighter work if you're extremely sore. I know it's hard to stop when you've got the momentum going, but overtraining will set you back in the long run.

POETICA7 SparkPoints: (9,026)
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2/20/13 11:44 A

I am also sore -- VERY! On Mon., along with quite a bit of cardio, I also did an online SP abs workout. Not to say anything was wrong with the workout. There wasn't. But I don't think I'm ready for that. Anyhow, yesterday I was so sore in my lower stomach (I must have been doing something right!) and upper legs (in front) that it hurt to walk. Going up and down stairs was a killer. Today I'm not much better. So I rested yesterday, and today I think I'll just do some gentle walking in the house. I'm not up for much more. I hate to have this time off, but I hurt too much to do anything else. At least I can say my weight is down a little more, and that's always a good thing.

SHUPER5 Posts: 618
2/20/13 8:03 A

Always stretch when done exercising,works for me everytime,while the muscles are warm.I always make sure I take the extra time for this.

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2/19/13 5:33 P

It's important to let your body rest. Doing the exercise that caused the soreness in the first place is not going to help your recovery; it's going to increase your risk of injury. Momentum is important, but so is balance. If you are sore, it's because your muscles are telling you something. Rest is how they get stronger!

2/19/13 1:36 P

I hope you don't overwork while sore. Lightly working the sore muscles will help them recover quicker, but overworking sore muscles can lead to injury...

LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/19/13 1:13 P

Remember to stretch. Try some fish oil.

2/19/13 12:54 P

Good for you - perhaps dont' overdo it today, but do go on the elliptical. I love the elliptical machine. If you over-do it, you may eventually not continue anymore and that would be a sad thing for your health. Keep up the great work.

SHORES2005 Posts: 4
2/19/13 11:43 A

After getting back in the game yesterday I jogged a mile and went on the elliptcal for 10 mins and im so SORE!!! But, I must get on the elliptcal right now! Buh bye :)

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