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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/11/12 2:23 P

You can be very full, and yet when you smell the aroma of a favorite food, it will make you want that food. Food items are not cardboard cutouts - they are substantial and filled with memories and pleasure. That is why diets that say you can't eat certain classes of foods or have to very severely restrict them, are doomed to failure. That is, unless you live in a glass bubble!

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12/11/12 12:45 P

If I get that feeling, it's usually because I have not eaten enough FAT in my meals. When I eat plenty of fat (along with lower carbs) I feel satisfied and don't get the urge to binge later.

12/11/12 9:57 A

I started having a similar problem recently when I realized I was tired of having my usual salad for lunch, and what I really wanted was a hunk of good, sharp cheddar cheese. I looked at my diet and realized I only eat a calcium-rich food about once a day, with my half cup of milk on my cereal in the morning. Maybe I want cheese because my body needs the calicum. Sometimes our bodies are telling us they need. I set the salad aside, ate a lovely piece of Tilliamook extra-sharp and a piece of fruit instead, and it was a wonderful lunch.

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12/11/12 9:49 A

Great suggestions everyone!! I know this is something that I find myself still doing at times. For me, it's usually because I ate WAY too fast. So, now I try to be more careful and just slow myself down. That might mean putting the fork down or only eating half the snack or whatever, but it definitely helps with the feeling satisfied. It just gives my brain time to catch up and realize that I've been eating and am now full. :-)

Good luck everyone!!

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12/11/12 7:42 A

That you had been far too hungry before you started to eat, and by the time your stomach is full, your blood stream still has to wait for the food to be digested to deliver energy to your body.

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12/11/12 6:42 A

I was thinking the same thing about are you making sure you are truly enjoying what you ARE eating. This is a big one for me. I know it can never be a lifelong change if I don't figure out a good variety of foods that I really enjoy eating.

Many people can restrict calories or go crazy burning them off with intense exercise for a few weeks or months. But eventually you want to enjoy life - and food - again. And then everything unravels.

So I really spend a good deal of time searching out recipes that use foods and flavors that I really like. My collection of healthy options grows every day.

I have learned what substitutions I can make that do not alter what I like about my comfort foods. For example ground turkey works fine in any dish that has lots of flavors like garlic, onions, green peppers, etc. So chili, Spanish rice, tacos, etc are all made now with ground turkey.

It takes time but is so worth the effort for a lifetime of good health.

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SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,607)
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12/11/12 5:37 A

There are a number of things that could be happening!

1. Are you depriving yourself of things that you really enjoy? If so, it might be that by allowing yourself some little occasional treat may remove your craving

2. Are you a person who likes a variety of tastes and textures, but removed a number from your diet? If so, think of other ways to present the foods that you are eating.

3. Have you got stress which causes you to turn to food? If so, then speak to your Dr about ways to reduce the stress.

4. Are you bored? If so, find something to do that you enjoy. It might be going bowling; it might be knitting; it might be going to Zumba classes ..... you get the drift!

I am sure that if you keep a journal, recording what you were thinking when you were wanting more food, or what has happened, you may find the cause of the problem.

Good luck,

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,895
12/11/12 5:19 A

Cherry - made me wonder if you are eating small portions of what you love, or big portions of what you don't care about. Maybe thinking about what food might be satisfying, savor small portion of it if it is highly caloric would help. I also wonder if distraction might work....look to do something that would be satisfying in place of food (since I am guessing you have eaten enough to live with, just feeling a bit unsatisfied). Those are the thoughts that come to mind. Also keeping a journal of what foods satisfy and which don't might help you pick things you do like. Good luck to you! emoticon

12/11/12 1:23 A

you could be eating the wrong combination of foods or may have to just retrain your brain and gut...or just having on of *those* days

I have found if I dont eat a solid protein packed breakfast, I am tired and so hungry all day (want to eat anything/everything not satisfied). I usually start my day with egg scramble with spinach/tomatoes and some toast...sometimes a piece of bacon or greek yo fruit and nuts.

Also when I first started dieting I had a hard time getting myself back in balance, from knowing when I was hungry, to dealing with all the cravings like right after you eat, wanting something more, salty, sweet and the bored munchies. It was difficult but my biggest tools were drinking water, eating breakfast..and have a (somewhat) plan what I am eating that day also stuff to keep me busy even when I am relaxing to stop the munchies like crafts and stretching exercises. I still have those days but they are getting farther between. Hope this helps!

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12/10/12 11:30 P

I've been finding that I could stuff myself until I am about to burst, yet I am not 'satisfied'. It's difficult to explain. It's like, my body wants to eat more, but I am physically so full. What does this mean?

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