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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,997
5/23/13 12:51 P

Hi Ashley

Would you be able to email me examples of what's happening? We've never heard of this occurring unless something about your goals is changing. Can you tell me exactly what you did on the site between Monday night and Tuesday? Just trying to figure out what could be causing the issue.


Coach Jen

ASHLEYRN62 Posts: 2
5/22/13 9:20 P

yes Jen, that's what is happening...
Sunday I printed all the weeks meal plan..

then Monday night I logged in to track everything I had eaten from my printed Monday meals..

and the entire plan was different, not only for that day, but entire week...

so I substituted the foods to match my printed version and I corrected Tuesdays to match as well..

then Tuesday afternoon, went in, same story.. everything was different...

The dates on my printed version and the computer are exactly the same, and I didn't change anything else (goals etc.)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,997
5/22/13 7:10 P

Hi Ashley

Once you look at the plan for the week, it should be "fixed", unless your calorie range is changing? Is that possible? If not, let me make sure I understand what's going on: you look at a future day in the planner, and then when you look at it again tomorrow, for example, it's different foods than it was before?


Coach Jen

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5/22/13 6:33 P

That is an excellent question.. I don't have a ready answer for you since I myself don't do much meal planning due to my schedule, I'm basically a grab n go sort of guy but this one should be addressed by a Spark-expert. This is pretty important. Thanks for posting, I'll see if I can get you some help on this.. Ok?


ASHLEYRN62 Posts: 2
5/22/13 4:35 P

Can anyone tell me whats going on??

On Sunday I go through the weeks meal plan and customize it if need be, then I print grocery list and go shopping...

but as the week goes on and im entering foods my meal plans are changing which makes it a PAIN in the butt to go in and track everything..

does the meal plan change if you don't eat everything as suggested? sometimes I skip the cheese or mayo or butter.. things that I feel I don't need, then the next day the meal plan might have MORE stuff on it than the original plan.... Am I dong this wrong? This is my first week..

I like the meal plans bc Im always at a loss of what to cook for diner and with the busy life I lead trying to cook MUST be planned out rather than spur of the moment....


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