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2/12/12 9:17 A

Gaining weight isn't as easy as losing weight. But, your weight gain should not be a reason for you to stop with your goal of getting back on track. You can do a lot of things and try out as many measures as possible on what is the best way for you to lose or maintain weight.

In my own experience, I felt so offended when people would make a big deal out of my weight gain. I must admit that I did not watch over the food I take. I was fond of eating chips, soda, chocolates, 3 full meals plus snacks in the morning and at night plus, I stopped jogging exercises and hip hop abs. And so, I just found myself gaining a whooping 20 lbs! Then, I only got bothered when my friends are already making a joke out of my eating habit.

I came to my senses that I have to stop the bad eating habits. And so, I found this juicer which I can always just shoot in fruits and vegetables and juice them up. I cut down on my meals and drink a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables through the juicer I bought from this site:

Try it, too! I highly recommend it.

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2/11/12 2:34 P

Be proud of yourself, in that you are back on track. Workplace weight loss challenges are great! I did one for the group home's that I oversaw for all staff and residents back in 2006, We challenged one home against another.

Weighins were confidential, only the lbs up or down were recorded. Even those who did not need to lose weight had to set fitness or wellness goals for the challenge. Everyone had a great time, I lost about 60lbs (the rest I lost later on, with my own personal challenge), almost everyone lost weight or made gains towards their fitness or wellness goals. Workplace challenges are a great idea....but don't judge yourself against the others, do everything you can do for yourself, and just know that a little overeating now and again happens. You may even be pleasantly suprised when you step on the scale.

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2/11/12 1:57 P

have a small early dinner, dont drink anything. wake up hungry and stay hungry until after you weigh in....just sayin

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2/11/12 10:33 A

I checked out your Spark page and you seem to be someone with great goals and motivation. I hope that you felt okay with the weigh-in results, no matter what they were, because you know this - our lives and our health - is a long-term project. Best wishes!

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2/6/12 11:39 A

I agree with Archi, I don't particularly care for these types of "contests" because they don't seem to encourage a slow, steady (and therefore much more maintain-able) loss.

That said, you're not the only one who overindulged this past weekend. I like the Spark philosophy of learning what you can from your mistakes, and just getting right back on track. And if you feel compelled to say anything when someone asks how you did, you could just tell them that-- I overindulged, and I'm getting right back on track. Period. End of discussion.

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2/6/12 11:21 A

I highly doubt you will be the only one who over indulged this weekend. Don't beat yourself up and don't give up! If you are up this week you know you will kill it next week!

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2/6/12 10:37 A

Don't worry !

Even if the scale does go up because you ate a few too many salty foods yesterday, that does NOT mean you derailed your efforts at good health or weight loss. One less than perfect day of eating does not make or break a person's healthy life style.

While I think it's great that your company is giving money to charity based on how much weight a person losses, I also consider it very intrusive and insensitive to their employees. Yes, they are doing a good thing, BUT they are also making all of you miserable with the public weigh ins !!

My recommendation would be this, don't look at what the scale says. Step on backwards. Ask the person taking the results to just write down the results and NOT announce them to the public. If they do announce it... get out of that challenge.

I've never liked these Biggest Loser type challenges because I don't think they encourage healthy behaviors either physically or mentally. Instead, you decide what you'd like to give to charity based on your own POSITIVE behaviors for the week. Remember, there really is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between your toes in the morning.

In short, if you do 50 good push ups this week, give five dollars to charity. If you gain 2-3 pounds of water weight, don't beat yourself up. that's not healthy.

2/6/12 10:07 A

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day. I'm doing a challenge at work for charity, and we weigh every Tuesday. (For every pound lost, my company gives a dollar to charity.) I'm usually not so tied to a scale, because I am a "slow and steady" loser, and I focus a lot on exercise. My body is also REALLY affected by salt and my weight fluctuates a lot from day to day.

Well, I live in Indianapolis, and we had the Super Bowl here this past weekend (it was AWESOME!!). I indulged a little over the weekend, and bumped up my exercise to compensate. But whenever I do this, I sometimes GAIN weight temporarily, so I'll usually skip the weigh in so I don't have to be depressed about it. But I can't do that this week!!!

I'm so afraid to step on that scale tomorrow in front of a stranger! Then you have to walk past all the other people standing in line and they all ask you how you did! I dont' want to cry at work! AUGH!

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