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3/7/13 7:59 P

I'm sure EVERYONE on sparkpeople has been in this position. I have days where I eat one bad thing that leads to another and so on. You may feel bad right now but it will pass. I have lost 15 pounds in the last couple months and out of curiousity the other day I went through my food journal and found TONS of slip ups just like yours, and i still lost weight. The key is to wake up the next day and forget about yesterday's slip up, just work even harder. I know it sounds cliche but it really is the key to success.


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3/7/13 7:56 P

Thank you emoticon

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3/7/13 7:52 P

You know what you've done to yourself? I'll tell you.


No, seriously! Going a little bit over your ranges is not a big deal. We didn't get where we are by enjoying ourselves at a restaurant. At most, you went over your "weight loss" range and into your "maintenance" range.

A little over in fat is not going to sabotage you.

Remember that there is NO room for perfection in this journey.

Stop calling yourself names. Would you let someone call a child, one of your children, names like that? Your family? Your parents?

Why in the world is it okay to call yourself names?

Stop abusing yourself, and realize you are beautiful, wonderful, and you'll be okay. Eat as normal tomorrow, and don't try to skip meals to punish yourself. You're okay.

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3/7/13 7:19 P


Calling yourself negative names is not how you want to handle this.
Also, skipping meals is not the answer to having a bad meal or even a bad day. If you learn anything from being here at SparkPeople let that be it.

If you feel you over did it a bit, resolve to make better choices the next time you're in this situation.
Plan ahead and check out the restaurants website before you go.

Remember this is about changing habits, it's about learning all you can about what it takes to be healthy.

I hope you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and forget about what you did for your last meal and think about what you'll do for your next.

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3/7/13 6:53 P

Ive been there before. Look at the bigger picture..Id imagine if you average your fat over a whole week, it won't look nearly as bad. I also think about how much more damage I could have (and probably would have a few months ago) done with other choices. It sounds like you did pretty well to me.

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3/7/13 6:49 P

This evening I feel like a snow cow ( feeling very very fat ). My friend took me to Texas Road House for dinner. I had the small 6oz. sirloin, mashed potatoes and cesar salad. My dinner toppled me over 17 points on my fat total for the day. I feel so bad what I have done to myself - I feel like I should not eat for the next 24 hours. emoticon

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