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4/19/11 5:49 P

This sounds like a low GI diet, which is generally prescribed to people with insulin resistance....

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4/19/11 3:56 P

I started reading a nutrition book by Nancy Clark and in the first chapter she said something like "carbs don't make people fat, too many calories make people fat". Loved it.

Focus on good carbs (whole wheat, fruits, brown rice, etc) and staying in a moderate range - you'll be fine.

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4/19/11 2:24 P

In my experience, if you use the SP tracker and balance your carbs, fats and proteins for each meal as SP recommends for you, get your minimum of 5 freggies and avoid processed foods (and, of course, stay within your calorie range!), you will feel better and lose weight. And, the great thing is, that tracker is FREE!

When I tracked without paying attention to the nutritional balance of my meals (just monitoring calories), I didn't lose or maintain what small loss I might have had.

There are conflicting reports now about whether or not you should always have proteins with your carbs; all I know is what made the difference for me!

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4/19/11 1:42 P

Slow Carbohydrate: Slow Carbohydrate is the one which breaks slowly and create energy at a regular speed. One very important role this slow carbs is that they keep your blood sugar stable, and if you want to be in fat-burning zone throughout the day, stable blood sugar level is what you want to have.

Fast Carbohydrate : Fast carbohydrate is the one which takes less time to break down the foods. They also produce energy very quickly. Fast carbs trigger your body to release a Insulin. Though the one of the main function of insulin is to to pull the sugars from your bloods into the cells for energy, excessive insulin ( triggered because of intake of fast carbs) works to store the extra carbs as fat.


Fast Carbs- White pastas, white potatoes, sugary desserts, alcohol and white breads.

Slow Carbs-Salads, veggies, dark beans and fruits are slow carbs. So is whole wheat pasta and whole wheat breads.

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4/19/11 12:58 P

There are our fruit they are our healthy simple carbs
There is our ryebread and grains these are our complex carbs..
There is our vegetables this is our fiber carbs..

If we use them together the fruit carbs give us a injection of quick carbs, our ryebread and grains give a slower burn off than simple junkfood carbs and white bread..

With vegetables on top these are our filler up friends.. They make it hard for the stomach to just get at our simple and complex carbs.. They give the stomach something to work on..

It isn't a huge explaination.. These three decent types of carbs keep our blood sugar as healthy humans stable if complimented on top of protein and essential fats..

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4/19/11 10:56 A

Well, there is a lot of information and misinformation out there. These days, everyone is looking to convince you THEY have the best way to lose weight fast.

Do you know what the best way to lose weight is ? You eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training.

Yes, there is a difference in the way your body digests carbohydrates. Simple sugars like cookies, cakes, white bread, etc... are fast digested (simple) carbohydrates. Slow digested (complex) carbs are those that are high in fiber. Eating foods that are high in fiber have been shown to help keep a person's blood sugar levels stable. When a person's blood sugar is stable, you're less likely to experience cravings.

So, does this mean you should only eat complex carbs ? Nope. this is where the confusion comes in. People think if they eliminate rice, pasta, white bread, etc... Some fruits are simple carbs. Do you eliminate all the fruit you eat because eating fruit will make you fat ? A person will lose weight if they watch their portions.

The fact is, our grandparents ate potatoes, butter and rice every day. they weren't fat. They practiced moderation and portion control. So should we. No gimics. no need to eliminate entire food groups. no bad foods.

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4/19/11 10:49 A

I think it's just a different way of saying 'complex carbs' and 'simple carbs'.

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4/19/11 10:38 A

Just wondering if this exists. I first heard it this morning on an infomercial for foodlovers diet plan. I dont want to do a "diet" plan but what they're saying is it true or just a gimmic and their plan on losing weight? If this is real, what are teh slow and fast carbs? How do I tell the difference when I eat and choose what to eat?

Whenever I've looked online for lists of slow carbs an dfast carbs, I end up on another "diet" plan website wanting money. Just wondering. :)

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