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1/3/12 10:35 P

I am also in the Leslie Sansone group. I love her walking videos. Very simple no tricky moves to learn and she always says at anytime if things get too complicated or strenuous you can always just go back to walking in place just to keep with the pace.

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
1/3/12 10:25 P

Walk Away the Pounds and 10-Minute Solutions are good simple workouts.
I checked out Jane Fonda's new workouts from the library. They are meant for older exercisers and beginners, so they are really simple and short.

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1/3/12 1:27 P

I for one still love Richard Simmons. He just came out with some new ones too. I love to dance so these are perfect for me. I like the Walk away the Pounds series but I get bored with them very easily.

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1/3/12 1:04 P

For simplicity, I'd second the "Walk away the pounds" workouts. Leslie's workouts are decent for cardio. She does "some" weight lifting in her workouts, but nothing strenuous and I wouldn't consider those to be much of a strength training workout.

I do really like the Jillian Michaels' videos, and I use those most often in my own workouts. I am incredibly uncoordinated and I am able to keep up with hers without an issue. For the life of me I CANNOT do things like Zumba or latin dancing or any of that other 'dancy' type stuff. I just have no ability to follow along with that. I'm blessed with two very wrong left feet I guess.

Good luck!!

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1/3/12 12:32 P

I am loving the Walk Away the Pounds 5 Mile video. There are only a few basic steps and it is not too fast to keep up with. You also don't have to start on the same leg as the instructor either. I also like the Sparkpeople videos.

I have the same problem with coordination and these videos have helped. I got both on Amazon for about 40 bucks total.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!


HELENUK100 Posts: 107
1/3/12 7:29 A


I wonder if anyone can recommend a simple fitness DVD? By simple I mean one that doesnt have a million complicated steps to learn. I have terrible co-ordination and evening trying to keep up with the moves on a Rosemary Connelly DVD is beyond me. Whilst I probably get more of a work out - as I'm literally "running" to keep up - it becomes very disheartening and not much fun.

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