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1/11/10 9:58 A

I know this is an old thread, but I was eating baby carrots today and had the same question. This* food article from SP says that one cup of baby carrots equals a serving. It seemed weird to me that 1 cup of raw veggies = a serving but 1/2 cooked veggies = a serving. Seems backwards? Ah well. As for how many baby carrots are in 1 cup I don't know, I'm just planning to approximate.

*Portion Distortion Guide:


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10/31/09 6:41 P

I looked the conversion of ounces to grams, and 3 oz is equal to 85.41 grams.

I am in the process of finding a chart that lists, in grams, the serving sizes of specific fruits and vegetables. Gram measuring is so much more accurate than cups.

There are international charts that show this info. They probably don't show every fruit and vegetables, but probably the most common ones. Here is a link to one of the charts.

Glycemic index charts also show this information.

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2/17/09 4:25 P

I guess I have to put them on the food scale.

Thanks everyone.

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2/17/09 3:09 P has a chart that lists the equivalent of 1/2 cup of baby carrots at approximately 6 carrots.
--You have to click on the link to see the chart.

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2/17/09 3:04 P

Yes, I'm aware, but baby carrots don't exactly fit into cups like that. I'm pretty sure it takes more than 3-4 carrots to count as a serving, so I'm wondering how to figure out serving sizes for veggies like that.

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2/17/09 2:58 P

1/2 cup counts as a vegetable serving.

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2/17/09 2:53 P

I also get confused with baby carrot serving sizes. The big bags usually say that 80 grams is a serving, the little single-serving bags say that 65 is, here on the SP food tracker it automatically defaults to 100 yeah, I don't know what the standard really is to shoot for.

And how many grams counts as a vegetable serving? The site says about half a cup of fresh fruits/veggies or one medium-size fruit/veggie counts as a serving, but I can't find anything about things you can't measure like that, specifically baby carrots.

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2/17/09 2:43 P

i also enjoy baby carrots. a serving of them is about 35cals for 3 ozs, so the number of carrots will vary based on size. i bought a cheap food scale at wal-mart ($5 hells yeah! it's such a great tool) and i weigh everything that has ounces or grams for serving sizes. it's incredible to see how much you go over a serving when you're not careful...

2/17/09 1:48 P

I love baby carrots. They are my after lunch snack. I heard someplace that one serving is 10 carrots. Is this true? How many baby carrots make 1 veg serving?


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