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1/27/13 7:18 A

I just saw this post and wanted to say that if you've been scammed and have difficulty getting your money back, try contacting your local Attorney General's office. It may not get you anything but if they have enough received additional complaints, they may end up being able to do something. never know...

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1/18/13 7:18 P

they sure are I tried it and most of the stuff poured out into my pocketbook

L-RIOT Posts: 349
1/16/13 4:57 A

Its along the lines of Vitamin Water being sued for not actually being healthy for you. Their comment on it was that anyone who is of right mind, couldn't actually think this is good for you.

1/15/13 10:58 P

(As we wander off topic...)

Jillian Michaels may have been obese at one point, but Logikalone does have a valid concern. The amount of food Americans waste is pretty awful. Either we waste it by consuming calories we don't need or we waste it by throwing it out...while others go hungry.

I get that Jillian Michael's priority is helping others lose weight, but Logikalone's priority is helping those in need. She should instead have urged Americans to not prepare as much food to eat at one sitting, avoiding waste, and over-consumption.

CJBAGGINS Posts: 33,368
1/15/13 10:24 P

How annoying!

Can you block the email address to stop the emails?


1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
1/15/13 11:41 A

I almost did the $4.95 deal too, just because it sounded so good....but...thought, hhhnnnn sounds too good, way too good, too good to be true.
But I did give my email address out to another Co for a so called "free" deal, but when they asked for my CC # I closed out!,...but I keep getting annoying emails from them.
If it is free, why do they need a CC#?

All I can say is "buyer beware!"

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1/13/13 2:43 P

I think that in the future there may be some "magic pill" that will work. Unfortunately it will not solve the problem of overeating. A quick fix is an easy dream.

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1/13/13 12:20 P

Logikalone,I'm not sure where you got your information about Jillian Michaels, but she suffered with an obesity problem during childhood and her teen years. Make sure you have your facts straight before spewing hatred for someone.

As for SENSA, if it worked so well, there wouldn't be a need for gyms, exercise, etc. Diets, exercise programs, etc, are all based on the same thing: WHAT THE INDIVIDUAL PUTS INTO IT.

CJBAGGINS Posts: 33,368
1/12/13 2:33 P

LOGIKALONE - I agree. Why waste food? Instead, we should make less or just save it for another time. Moderate portions and then stop, yes, but not throw out the extra!

SPAQUEEN2012 - very true. We wouldn't be here if the "magic pills" worked.


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1/7/13 6:16 P

Good to know! We would all like for that magic, but if it were true - - none of these thousands of conversations would be going on. emoticon

HANDYV Posts: 24,961
1/7/13 1:37 A


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1/4/13 8:33 A

I lost all respect for Jillian Michaels when she was interviewed at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2,yrs ago. Her advice to the public? "After you finish eating your moderate portions IMMEDIATELY THROW OUT ALL THE REST OF THE FOOD." I cringed when I heard that. I'm a minister & and RN ( I care for both the body & souls of my patients) Throw out how much good food for no better reason than over-cooking & lack of self-control? Within 20 min of any person in this 'rich' nation there are at least 50 families who don't have enough to eat. 1:5 children go to bed hungry each night. This is no idle statistic's a very sad reality most of us prefer to ignore.

Despite this Ms.Michaels...who's gotten very rich selling the rest of us on her over-the-top. unoriginal exercise & diet programs collected from scores of other sites & military-style boot camps & who's never struggled with real obesity problems in her life... tells people to ignore the fact throwing out perfectly good food is a SIN & to put it down the garbage chute!

What, she never heard of leftovers? How about Tupper/Gladware etc? Why not freeze the food for the next weeks or months? Or, even better, packing up the excess food on paper plates & finding some homeless persons/families to share Turkey dinner with. Michaels, by the way, is a mesomorph body type (like Cher & most supermodels) so she's naturally thin. (you can tell mesomorphs by their unusually long necks, forearms & lower leg bones that are at least 1" longer in proportion to the rest of their bodies. That's why they can wear 4" inches of bracelets, stacked necklaces etc that the rest of us look pretty silly in.) dared to tell America & the world to toss perfectly good food in the garbage! I wonder how that played in our inner cities, or in the 90% of the world that isn't as rich as the USA?

I wouldn't pay one dime for anything she recommends if it had every seal of approval on it. The Bible says if you can't trust a person in a small thing, how can you trust them with a large one? I've found the Good Book is right in how to live. Even to losing weight the Bible beats Sensa, Ms. Michaels, or any TV hawker. I've lost 30lbs so far following what's written & pray Iose the rest gradually over time while caring for both body & spirit.

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1/4/13 8:01 A

FYI: I use AdBlockPlus and rather than have to switch computers (which is annoying since we get used to typing on our usual keyboards) it's very easy to let a site through. Just click on the ABP/stop sign located in your address bar to open up AdBlock and click on the arrow before 'enabled for this site' to allow the site thru. Then just reload the page using the reload arrow (Google) or the reload icon on IE9. I suggest you upgrade to AdBlockPlus - it's free & does more than simple AdBlock.

If you're interested in REAL internet security I highly recommend the #1 site of 2012 - 'DoNotTrackMe' which blocks ALL sites from tracking your every move on the Internet. [I have NO affiliation w/this company in any way - I got it originally when my bro told me to get it NOW...he works for a company that creates Defense Dept software] I just think it's too awesome not to share!

Don't think it's bad? DNTM's blocked over 31,000 attempts on Google alone in the last 5 mos!!! That includes Google, Facebook, Twitter & tons of 'official' Microsoft sites. DNTM takes almost NO hard drive space & works invisibly in the background. Best of all, it's FREE. Just Google 'DoNotTrackMe' & download. You do need to load this onto each of your browsers independently i.e. IE9, Google, Firefox etc.

The company who designed this wonderful product is They have a number of free & paid programs, like MaskMe & MaskMyPhone...all of which WORK seamlessly to keep us regular folk safe when online. I checked them out w/all scam, ripoff, complaint etc sites and found ZERO entries against them. Here's one of the great effects of DNTM: FAR less spam, robocalls, garbage snail mail etc.

CJBAGGINS Posts: 33,368
1/4/13 1:26 A

Thanks for the warnings!

I just went to the Sensa site to see if the claims are still up, and if their "fine print" was any bigger. Well, now they're touting a 30-day no risk "free" trial. *sheesh*

Then, when I tried to leave, things kept popping up asking if I wished to speak to a live representative, and did I really want to leave their site.



STRINGS58 SparkPoints: (60,436)
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1/3/13 7:33 A

Thanks everyone! I'm using my hubby's computer - mine has adblock - and I saw the sensa ad, I was looking for "where's the catch" and decided to see if SP had any info on it!! YUP! Thanks for posting!

KNIBARG SparkPoints: (14,083)
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1/2/13 8:22 P

Sorry you had to deal with this but at least you got a chance to warn others!

FITMARTI SparkPoints: (20,370)
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1/2/13 6:48 P

Glad I never fell for the magic food dust. My hubby and I enjoy a private laugh every time we see someone with a huge plate of food sprinkling magic powder on it.

Exercise more, eat more healthy and eat less and lose weight

MRSG942011 Posts: 464
1/1/13 8:21 P

Thanks for letting us all know...I had wondered if it was any good.

PAAAANDA_42 Posts: 16
1/1/13 6:54 P

The same thing happened with me and the Wu-Yi tea scam: you eat right, drink the tea twice a day, take a supplement that makes you ill, and you lose weight (probably because of the laxative effect of the supplement).

SMANISMELL SparkPoints: (76,799)
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1/1/13 1:23 P

I am glad you guys posted all the warnings baout Sensa. I see the commercials but never really believed them. I do not see how a simple little powder can make you stop eating. That is something you have to want to do yourself. Thanks for all the warnings. I will definitely NOT try this product!

JENNIEB52 SparkPoints: (4,215)
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1/1/13 12:22 P

My grandma always used to say that if something seemed too good to be true, then it probably is. If I have learned anything on my 38 years on this planet, it's that nothing good comes without hard work and sacrifice. Mind you, it's taken me a LOT of stupid purchases to learn this!!! Don't beat yourself up for getting swizzle by some slimy sales pitch - just learn from it and never let it happen again!

CHZBABE SparkPoints: (2,426)
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1/1/13 9:05 A

I tell my adult children all the time this important information.
Everyone is trying to separate you from your money. EVERYONE. I remember when my GF's PAID for a ring tone. Why would anyone pay for a ring tone on their phone? Every commercial, ad, product, is trying to vie for your attention to hook you and attempt to move your money from your wallet to thier company, plain and simple. But WE have the power of decision. The money is in our wallets and we get to choose whom we give it to. Do not let these company's separate you from your money. It's hard, very very hard not to give into the ads. These companys spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how to get their products past the scanners at the stores and into a bag in our hands. But they make Billions by getting us to do it. Putting my blinders on for 2013. Saving the cash and trying to outsmart the ad companies. Whose with me?

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12/31/12 5:42 P

that freaking blows I never fell for that magic dust lol

EARLCOBURN SparkPoints: (3)
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12/31/12 5:33 P

Sensa is a BIG FAT SCAM! Don't always believe what they tell you people! I ordered on 12/29 and then decided to look it up online and I'm glad I did. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. IMMEDIATELY canceled my order. If you don't believe me then see for yourself

Always do your research FIRST folks!!!

MERILEA3FC SparkPoints: (0)
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5/12/12 2:03 P

Ouch! Sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you were at least able to get your money credited!

QUASIOR SparkPoints: (9,005)
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5/12/12 1:54 A

sorry this happened to you. Most of this kind of thing is scammy. I get stupid texts all the time from FB related crap too. ARGH!

LAURANCE SparkPoints: (299,440)
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5/11/12 6:31 P

Uh-oh, it sounds like there's no something for nothing, and offers can come with unwanted consequences.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,187
5/10/12 2:10 P

Thankfully I don't go for those ads. I've got my own bad decisions to deal with.

On Hip 2 Save, I tried for a free Olive Garden coupon. I haven't been there in a long time and it would be a treat for my hubby and me. When they asked for my cell number for the third time, I knew something was up and clicked out. Over the next couple of months, I got spam text messages. It is on Facebook, so each time I tried to go into my "liked" pages to remove it, not only will it not let you, it puts another "liked" Olive Garden page under your pages.

The next one was a free year subscription to More magazine. I thought "great". It was free to the first 14,000 American members. I got in, but had to do it twice, once with my personal e-mail and once with my hubby's corporate e-mail. We now get lots of e-mail messages, with offers.

On my iPhone, I checked the updates. There was an update to IHeartRadio. I luckily had downloaded it before they started charging you. So, I clicked the update. All of a sudden, there was this 64-page document to review. I thought, "What the heck is this?" I clicked to continue because the wording was that I would be told if I was going to be charged with anythning. There never was that wording. When it finished it congradulated me on my purchase. WHAT PURCHASE??!! It was then I realized it was not an update for IHeartRadio, it was a purchase for Live Nation. Uuuggghhh.

OTEN36 SparkPoints: (85,503)
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5/10/12 11:56 A

I also saw Jillians pills along side of her partner on the t.v. show "Bob" at a big box retail store. I was very shocked to see that they caved to the $.
Thanks for sharing.

LORNALOO3 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/8/12 10:03 A

All weight loss pills are fake. It drives me crazy that Jillian Michaels sells them now even after she's spoken against them so loudly and so often.

MOBOLA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/8/12 3:15 A

All weight loss pills are a scam.
The only thing i believe would work for weight loss are some appetite suppressants and lots of exercise

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (65,562)
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5/7/12 5:39 P

Eat less. Move more. Period.

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RADIOTIKSPARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/7/12 12:10 P

Thinking more about it, I would honestly say to please not wait for them to refund you. I don't think you well see that money and you might lose the chance to dispute the charges. I'm having trouble finding anyone online who has actually seen a refund.

You can also put in a request for the credit card company to automatically refuse further charges from Sensa...mine allows for automatic declines in the case of fraud. Basically you indicate directly that you no longer give that company permission to charge your card.

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RADIOTIKSPARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/7/12 12:07 P


I wonder if it is worth trying to dispute the charges with your credit card company. This whole thing might be a delaying technique that runs you out of window you have to dispute charges. I would call your credit card right now, tell them you were charged for a service you didn't approve of, and request a charge back.

To quote a website that was actually focusing on the fraudulent sensa charges:

"In this type of situation, credit card disputes are usually successful since fraudulent companies often won't contest the disputed charge. In rare cases, credit card companies will review disputes, but refuse to reverse the charges. If this occurs, complain to a manager and let them know you will be filing a report here."

You just need to emphasize that you did not approve this charge, that it is part of a scam.

SPITFIRE1958 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/7/12 11:30 A

I wondered if it REALLY worked?!

KRICKET231 Posts: 50
5/7/12 10:21 A

That's why I don't order anything from infomercials anymore. The same thing happened to me when I ordered and exercise video. They kept sending more videos and other stuff and kept charging my account. I had a hard time canceling it. Finally I had to close that account.

IANCIN SparkPoints: (7,185)
Fitness Minutes: (3,576)
Posts: 8
5/7/12 9:23 A

Well, I sent the Sensa back with an RMA number on Thursday. I will keep you posted as to how long it takes foro them to refund my CC. Thanks for the support - and I have to say, this SP website is fantastic. I canceled WW due to the 17.00 per month charge. SP has all the same features as WW, but actully easier to use by counting calories instead of points! Love it!

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
5/7/12 3:22 A

@IANCIN: SP cannot exactly choose the Google Ads that show. it doesn't mean they endorse the product. it is just advertised by the company and Google show them. when you set up google ads all you can choose are keywords, not companies

BETHARDS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,210)
Posts: 189
5/7/12 1:41 A

Thanks guys for warning others! There have been snake oil salesmen around for ages. Thats why I love's just the truth and the real deal........plain and simple.thats it!

KAREN2LOSE55 Posts: 8,040
5/6/12 11:36 P

Iancin, Amen to you for starting this thread and get the warning out there. I fell for that scam too! It was $4.95 to begin with and before it was all done, a page came up at the $99.95, in small print. I was SO lucky to see that later after I had already ok'd it. Too late I thought! Well, it wasn't, because I got right on with someone and they got me out of the contract. I tell everyone I can not to fall for it and explain what happened to me. SP is truly all that works for me so far after oodles of trying gimick and gimick and then real truthful programs too, but something about SP really clicks! It's going slow for me, but i feel that's the best way in the long run!

DEBBY4576 Posts: 7,307
5/6/12 5:31 P

Thank you so much for this thread. I've seen the infomercial and wondered. Now because of reading this here, I am warned and not parted with my scarce amount of money.

LUCYGODDESS Posts: 2,411
5/6/12 3:57 P

I fell for the Sensa SCAM too...supposedly the smell helps you to not want to eat the whole (whatever it is.) Totally did not work, also was charged more than I thought it should be because of the "FINE PRINT," had to call and send back empty containers and still had to pay shipping. I definitely would not order this product...take our advice!

NAYPOOIE Posts: 12,086
5/6/12 3:06 P

I suspect all of those "Try us" deals have similar small print saying that if you don't cancel by a certain date, you are automatically enrolled and charged for the whole thing.

On the rare occasions I do such things (the Amazon free shipping thing), I set myself a reminder to cancel it as soon as I've got what I want from it.

KCOGSWELL726 Posts: 58
5/6/12 10:34 A

I love those commercials....they make it seem like you can eat anything you want, all you need to do is sprinkle some Sensa on it and go for it..
Sure you can eat 5 Big Macs just make sure you sprinkle on the Sensa!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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Posts: 9,717
5/4/12 1:47 P

Please be aware that seeing an ad for something here does NOT mean it's endorsed or supported by Sparkpeople. They can't screen their ads, generally, although they can remove them if needed.

To do this, head here:

If enough people report sensa ads, maybe they'll go away. :)

IANCIN SparkPoints: (7,185)
Fitness Minutes: (3,576)
Posts: 8
5/4/12 1:10 P

Hahaha - I am so glad you responded, as Sprint is doing away with the Nextel signal (which I am on) and I was going to switch to Verizon. I will watch out for that. Thanks!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,343)
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Posts: 27,435
5/4/12 12:54 P


That's how these types of companies make money i.e. by scamming innocent people. It's deceitful, but not surprizing. I just had something similar happen to me when I changed plans with Verizon. Thought I was getting better deal by changing plans and ultimately, I am. However, the sales rep who was working with me to change my plan, NEGLECTED to tell me about a $10 charge for online anti virus software. I didn't want that service and yet, they still charged it to me because it was part of the bundle. They didn't tell me !

Needless to say, I had to call Verizon to get that bundle off my bill. Unfortunately, I still had to pay that first $10 because they billed me before the cancel order went in.

Talk about slimy. This is what so called reputable companies are doing these days.

IANCIN SparkPoints: (7,185)
Fitness Minutes: (3,576)
Posts: 8
5/4/12 12:41 P

I so agree; I am one of the most skeptical people around, but for 4.95?? I couldn't resist. lol

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
5/4/12 12:24 P

Sorry you got scammed.. I look at stuff and am a sceptical consumer before trying stuff I google pro's and cons of products and make sure they are worth using money on..
Under quackery,
Questionable Products, Services, and Theories
Questionable Advertisements
Nonrecommended Sources of Health Advice

In general there is alot of good advice how to avoid being done over..

Edited by: REDSHOES2011 at: 5/4/2012 (12:28)
IANCIN SparkPoints: (7,185)
Fitness Minutes: (3,576)
Posts: 8
5/4/12 12:14 P

I just logged on and saw an ad for Sensa on the home page, which totally alarms me. Because I so respect what Sparkpeople has done for all of us. I cannot believe that in this day and age of Yelping and Online Reviews, this company is able to run a scam like this! People PLEASE, do not fall for it. I did, and ordered the first two months of Sensa online for only 4.95. Why not, right? Well, of course, it doesn't work at all. If it does, it is all in your head. Two months later (yesterday) I get my credit card statement with a charge from Sensa for 96.92!! I'm so mad, as I did not authorize ANY subsequent charges other than the initial 4.95!! So, I try to call them. No luck - there is an over 10 minute wait. (No surprise, I'm sure with the volume of pissed off people that must be calling.) I go online, and it takes me forever to locate the link to contact them to shut off the automatic billing. But what about the current charge? I finally have no option but to wait out the hour-long hold and get a Sensa rep on the line, who informed me that in the VERY fine online print, yes, I did authorize auto-billing. It is stated in there. Would have needed a magnifying glass to find it, but it was in there. In any case, now I have to pay shipping to send it back to them. Once they receive it, they will credit back my CC. We will see how long this takes, as now I am reading the reviews online and it appears that getting your money back takes forever, if at all. This company is making millions off of us gullible girls who are desperate to lose weight. I feel better getting the word out there. Thanks for providing a forum for me to save others from the blood pressure spike I got when I saw my CC bill!!

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