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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,567
1/29/12 11:23 A

Keep going. Don't stop.

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1/23/12 6:42 P

I am no longer working so I am now going through this daily but I am finding it easier to avoid the pitfalls by not having junk food in the house. All the best to you on any other snow days!!!

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,036
1/23/12 3:12 P

Congrats on fighting the inner demon!

TWISSY1 Posts: 519
1/20/12 2:48 P

thanks so much for your replies, but I am OK, I fought through today. I was able to fend of the DEMON that is the boredom eating kind. My tactics to deal with today was just deal! I told myself it wouldn't be the first time I have to deal with this over this journey, and I had to find a way to deal. I am more powerful than any craving or temptation, or whatever you want to call it.

I woman hear me ROAR!........ emoticon emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,567
1/20/12 2:30 P

This is anxiety. If you DO give in DON'T let it bother you because you are setting yourself up to have to be PERFECT. Make an agreement to let yourself have four "cheats" and then work on that. We usually are people who want to be PERFECT and when we 'mess up" we have that critical voice in our heads tell us how bad we are. We probably had a critical parent who belittled us. Roger Gould, M.D. who wrote "SHRINK YOURSELF" and who has a web site has a lot of help.

Paul McKenna who is on YouTube with "I CAN MAKE YOU THIN" says we don't have to eat anything if we don't want. If you had a cupcake on the table and it fell on the floor in dog nasty, you would NOT pick that up and eat it then. So, Paul says it isn't necessary to eat it when we think we must.

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,036
1/20/12 10:29 A

I understand emotional eating too well, especially when it comes to boredom. Fret not. All you need to do is step away from the computer, dress in workout clothes and start by stretching. If you have a workout DVD, play it. If you don't, search for a workout online you will enjoy doing. Clean the house, do some chores. Start by being active. Once you start moving, you will continue moving. Or if you are thinking of food, start blogging about your emotions. Cravings last about 15-20 minutes (at least for me, they do). Write about how you felt last weekend after eating when bored. Put yourself in perspective. Or write a letter to yourself that explains how you're feeling now and what you're doing to NOT step in the kitchen. If you are still, write. Nothing in SP is found as a ramble because many understand. But I recommend getting up and get active. Once in motion, you stay in motion. The hardest part about working out is starting. Good luck!

TWISSY1 Posts: 519
1/20/12 6:12 A

Ok, I am feeling scared about how I am going to tackle this day.
It is a snow day here and I am home in the house for the day no work.
Anyway, last week when there was a snow day I spent a lot of time here on Spark people. Checking in many times to the boards, my teams pages so on.

I am soooo scared I'm going to blow it with the eating and so on.

last weekend I didn't do so good Fri. or Sat, Sunday was much better and when I weighed in on Mon. I had lost 6.4 pounds! Fluid for sure.

I am just scared that I will give in to the temptation to eat out of boredom. Something I have always done. I have the steps and skills to NOT give in but I still feel scared that I will.

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