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7/3/13 6:27 P

I think you'll find that where you tend to hold the weight most prominently is the last place to let go of it. MOst of us will always have a bit of a belly, if that's where we tend to hold it; I wish I could get rid of belly fat, since that's the one place I still look overweight! But, alas, it's not going to happen.

DUCKY2222 Posts: 313
7/3/13 5:45 P

Thanks ladies I am aware of all the things you both said but for some reason no exercise and no 39 lb weight loss is getting rid of any of that area. Oh well time will tell. Thanks again!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/3/13 4:41 P

There are NO foods that will "help lose the fat under the belly button."

The only thing that will cause you to lose that particular spot of fat, is OVERALL fat reduction. You lose weight, your body releases the stored fat. But - your body will do so in the order it deems best. If you are one of those that tends to store it there "first" - you'll find it is the last place your body will relinquish it from!

Exercise also will not target the fat stores, but good core-exercises can improve the underlying muscle tone and help you improve your posture, which can improve your overall silhouette.

Sorry, this is not exactly inspiring news - but it is accurate.

7/3/13 4:41 P

You really can't spot reduce.
So continue with your weight loss plan, and also focus on some toning exercises for that "problem" area. See Coach Nicole's video exercise resource center here at SP.


DUCKY2222 Posts: 313
7/3/13 4:11 P

Thanks ladies I thought it might be too good to be true. So what if any foods help to lose the fat under the belly button area?

7/3/13 4:05 P

Save your money.
This is just another weight loss scam.
The first 3 ingredients are:
safflower oil
xylitol (artificial sugar alcohol sweetener)

None of these (nor the other ingredients) have any fat burning properties as claimed by the product label.

SP Registered Dietitian

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/3/13 4:03 P

I wouldn't bother. It's just safflower oil.

DUCKY2222 Posts: 313
7/3/13 3:58 P

Has anyone tried SAFLSIM and if so what were your results?

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