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11/14/11 9:34 A

Thanks for the ideas. I love working out. But running just seems to be my weakness. I will have to find some good music to listen to. Hope that will help.

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11/11/11 4:55 P

So the question was how to have a little fun with running. I was like you. There wasn't much I hated more than running. I had an opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, so I thought running would be the ideal thing to get me into shape.

Not being in shape makes it miserable. Running alone is boring. So I started off walking. Built up to running 10 min. per day. That was more of a mental challenge than physical. If I knew it was only 10 min, then it didn't seem so daunting and was much easier to make into a habit.

Got an iPod and downloaded some upbeat tunes. That helped. Started running with buddies. That helped.

But my suggestion would be, if you really want to have fun, sign up for some 5Ks. Training isn't always my favorite thing, but I LOVE the races! Met a lot of great people. Set some goals that I'm achieving. That makes it fun, too. Now that I've lost some weight and my cardio is in better shape, I have actually started to like running. After all these years, imagine that!

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11/11/11 2:03 P

so if OP is active duty military, he/she is already running, just needs to maintain for the twice yearly tests, correct?

Really average pace is 10 minute mile. that's the average pace of my easy runs and I come in anywhere from 30-60% from the top of the field. This has been very consistent and I have done over 40 races of varying distances. So doing some kind of run/walk combo for 15 minutes should be something that OP is already used to, right? perhaps gradually work up to non stop running for 20-30 minutes.

what I'm saying's 15 minutes, it's not like he/she has to motivate themselves to run a marathon, you don't need ipods and training partners to get out and do something for 15-30 min a few times a week.

I understand that not everyone likes running. I gathered from the original post that the poster is already doing some running, or at least exercising on a regular basis so it's not like what I'm suggesting is going to cause serious injury. Heart problems? breathing difficulty? not in shape aerobically? shouldn't a person be relatively fit before embarking on a military career????

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11/10/11 1:15 P

I am not sure where you are getting your statistics for "most people". I am active duty military, and run 3 times a week and can only run 1.5 miles in 12 min and 54 seconds.... It is never recommended to just "suck it up" and run for 15 minutes...this leads to injury and will discourage her... running is not something that you can just do. If someone is not in shape aerobically and tries to run as you are suggesting they are risking shin splints, heart problems, and breathing difficulty.

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11/10/11 10:30 A

Try the Couch to 5K program, I love to run with Pandora on my phone and I focus on the music and my running and I forget the world for 30-40 mins. It my therapy

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11/10/11 6:18 A

For most people, 1.5 miles is a bit over 10 minutes.

It's not like you have to run for hours, honestly, I'd just suck it up and run for 15 minutes once or twice a week.

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11/9/11 4:01 P

Sounds like you are in the military like me... we are required the 2x a year 1.5 mile run in a certain amount of time. I for one like running. I will tell you, however, that running is easier if you find a running buddy, some good music, or a place that you enjoy looking at while you run. If you run just a little ways several days a week, running will become easier, and not cause your body as much stress. I worked up to where I can now run 3 miles easily. But it did not come easily. I had to find upbeat music, and I had to enjoy where I run. If I run outside I find it is easier for me to not become bored like I do on a treadmill. Hope this helps :) A pretty new pair of running shoes in bright colors always gets me excited too!

11/9/11 12:13 P

I hate to run but it is required that for my work that I run 1.5 miles twice a year. So to stay fit I need to run. Is there anyone out there who can tell me what I can do to have a little fun with running? I like working out but I just don't like to run, never have.

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