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JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
6/18/13 10:22 P

It's a general role of thumb to not increase your running distance more than 10% a week, so it's not advisable to run the whole thing. If you have a fast pace, you probably could do it if you slowed down. But it won't be worth it if you get injured and are sidelined for weeks/months.

I did a 10k before I finished the C25K. There's no shame in walking. Walking doesn't make you less perfect.

6/18/13 6:24 P

Running and walking method is a great way to do a 10K for the first time. Think of it as your baseline and have fun. My husband was in the same situation as you for his first 10k and we ran a mile, walked a half, ran a mile and walked a half..... He finished smiling and injury free. Just make sure to listen to your body and take a walk break. Of course have fun!

ERICADURR Posts: 243
6/17/13 8:31 P

I totally walked some in my last 5K and still ran a 27:00. :) Agree with the previous poster about the run/walk method. As long as you're hauling booty during the run, you can walk ever so often.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
6/17/13 8:00 P

Slow your pace down and you will be able to run the entire 10K

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
6/17/13 4:10 P

It'll be tough - especially if you don't want to walk it. I'm sure you're aware, but there's an entire body of runners who do the run/walk method created by Jeff Galloway and I understand that there are some people who have achieved personal bests combining running and walking in a race. I used it for a half marathon and it worked really well and I know someone who runs a 2:30 half with the program.

Basically what I'm saying is you can be a perfectionist and not do the race or beat yourself up for having to walk. Or you can accept it as a completely valid way to finish the 10K and achieve a goal.

I say this because the plan I'm using to go from a 5K to a 10K isn't 2 weeks long. It's 8 weeks long. I've seen 5-10K plans that last up to 12 weeks. As someone who suffered injuries trying to add too much distance too quickly, I suggest you consider the implications of being a perfectionist.

Being an injured runner sucks. Recovery sucks. And then you have to build your way back up to the mileage you were at before the injury. Slowly, to avoid another injury. It's not worth it. It's taken me about a year to get back on the road. Mine was achilles related. I know someone with IT band issues after following a proper training plan. You could also cause stress fractures or plantar fasciitis.

If you're not willing to allow yourself to finish the race with some walking, I'd suggest not doing it.

I hate being the bearer of bad news :(

6/17/13 3:37 P

May I just say how awesome all of you are!! I feel so loved and supported. May all of you not only reach whatever goals you are working towards but blow way past them.
Thank you so much!

MWOOD8 SparkPoints: (2,978)
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Posts: 14
6/17/13 3:26 P

Way to go on meeting your first goal and starting on another! I'm sure it's doable, but, like others said, you may not be able to run the entire length, especially if it's only 2 weeks away. Maybe try jogging, or running a slower pace than you're used to. Don't get discouraged if you're not able to run the entire amount, just look at what you can do vs. when you began! I too get discouraged when I'm not able to do everything I think I should be able to do, that's when I get mad at myself and usually backtrack a bit. Good luck and way to go on what you're already achieved!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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Posts: 2,744
6/17/13 3:17 P

Totally doable as long as you listen to your body. I generally run 10 mins then walk 1 just because I'm still figuring out my breathing patterns. Don't start off too fast, there's an extra 2 miles in a 10k that your body hasn't run yet. Be prepared for mile 5 to absolutely suck. It's always my worst mile because its towards the end but I still have a mile to go so this is where my motivation tends to take a beating. That being said, race day adrenaline can make up for a lot. Have fun and don't beat yourself up if you need to walk a minute or 2.

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6/17/13 3:12 P

Ok! Let me put it this way I drives me crazy if I have to walk any of my runs...So that isn't an option lol I'm a perfectionist through and through. Thank you for the vote of confidence though it means a lot to me!

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
6/17/13 3:07 P

Yep, but thats cuz I struggle with running. You can always walk some of it. Its only 6 miles.

6/17/13 3:00 P

Hello all, I posted on here a while ago about starting to run so I could do a 5k. Well thanks for all the awesome advise I ran a 5k and continue to run 3 miles 3-4 times a week. This last week I up'd my mileage to 4miles. It is difficult but I feel pretty comfortable that I am getting it down. So my question is, there is a 10k coming up in my hometown and I would LOVE to be able to run/jog it. It is 2 weeks away. Am I crazy?

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