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ERICADAWN1986 SparkPoints: (34,913)
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2/21/13 10:03 A

Running outside is worth the planning it can require. For me, the distraction of your surroundings and the feel of being part of your environment (weather it's a trail in the woods or downtown in a city) is a great feeling. That being said, this time of year, I have to bring my running clothes to work and run straight from my office. I can usually get in a good 4-5 miler before it gets dark. We are also only a couple weeks off daylight savings time so that should help too. If you streamline your morning routine, you may be able to get a short run in as the sun is coming up so it's not pitch black outside. Good luck!

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
2/21/13 9:55 A

I've just got back from a lovely 5 mile run.

Here in the UK it's only 3 degrees C outside at the moment, but I wrapped up warm, put my hat and gloves on, put on two pairs of socks, get my running shoes on and hit one of my favourite off-road trails that I just love to run.

Now I'm home, I feel way warmer than 3 degrees and my cheeks are actually glowing for once!

Believe me, even if your first run outside is only short to begin with, just start small and work your way into it. Before too long it hopefully become second nature - and nothing beats that feeling of being out in the fresh air with the whole world around you.

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
2/20/13 9:22 P

I loooove running outside. I miss it so much!!!! I don't run outside during the winter. It's way too cold and too dark. If you can handle it, then you should just do it because you love it and you love the way it makes you feel! However, if you don't, then I would just find something else to do until spring has sprung. It's only a few more weeks. ;)

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
2/20/13 8:21 P

I live right outside Richmond in Mechanicsville. We have a Gold's Gym which is only 9.99 a month. Might want to check out those. I also work a 8-5 job, so I know what it's like to be dark when you get home. I like to run outside on Sat and Sun and try to go to the gym three times during the week.

SOCCERTAZ SparkPoints: (32,430)
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2/20/13 3:26 P

I run in the morning. A lot of people say that I live in the bad part of town, but it does not bother me. Just wear reflective clothing.

GECKO722 SparkPoints: (35,217)
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2/20/13 2:24 P

I set out all of my running clothes the night and put them on top of my alarm clock, that way when I go to hit snooze I hit a pile of clothes instead.

DMOLNAR Posts: 17
2/20/13 10:41 A

Why limit yourself to running? Try swimming, walking, or exercise videos. In the final analysis, an exercise program that doesn't fit your schedule will never get completed. Good luck.

CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
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2/20/13 8:03 A

Wish I liked to run, but I find it a chore. So I walk, I try different neighborhoods, and in fact on one walk I found the perfect house, would never have found it if I didn't go to walk in that neighborhood. I wasn't even looking at homes, and it wasn't for sale. But after I saw it I said if it ever went on the market I would buy, 2 months later it did and I bought it.

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
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2/20/13 7:56 A

When you mentioned Southside and tolls, I checked out your page because I thought you were from Richmond and you are! (I used to live there and am planning to move back when I get a new job). I'm not sure where you live in Richmond, but running in places like Carytown and around the VCU campus are pretty safe to run in the evenings (both from vehicles and people). I also agree with PPs about running on the weekends. Belle Isle and the fan/museum district are some of my favorite places to run in Richmond. If downtown is far, you could also drive to a different neighborhood to run. I used to run in a lot of the newer neighborhoods (lots of sidewalks) in Short Pump when I worked out there.

Sorry that I sounded so excited, but one of the things I miss most about Richmond is the amount of different running routes. After you get out there to run a few times, it will be easier for you to get out there in the future!

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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2/19/13 3:01 P

For me, it's much easier to get motivated to run outside than to run on a treadmill. I run at 6am, which is definitely still dark at this time of year, but I actually like running through the neighborhood as people are just starting to wake up. I get out my running clothes before I go to bed at night, and when my alarm goes off, I get right up, before I can think up any reasons not to. :)

The best part of running outside in the morning is toward the end of my run when the sun is just starting to come up. The sky is so beautiful and everything is very peaceful. To me, it's just a way better experience than the treadmill.

BEANBYDESIGN SparkPoints: (0)
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2/19/13 11:53 A

Look for a running club in your local area. By running with a club, you'll be more visible and safer on dark roads, and it'll be a lot harder to just blow it off, since you'll have made a commitment to others to be there to run with them. You should also definitely invest in brightly colored reflective clothes.

BOKJOY SparkPoints: (0)
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2/19/13 9:50 A

I sometimes enjoy running in the dark--it can seem peaceful and profound, and I end up thinking lots of deep thoughts, haha. But I too have lived in neighborhoods where I don't feel safe running early in the morning or at night. What about the area where you work? For a change of scenery, I sometimes bring running clothes to work and run near my office after work before heading home.

You could also stop on your way home in a safer neighborhood, a park with lots of other evening joggers, or a track.

Get some bright colored and/or reflective gear. Some runners in my area even wear flashing light attachments, like bikers do. There are options.

2/19/13 9:44 A

My neighborhood has narrow streets and no sidewalks so its just has me a little scared to run at dark. Especially after we just had this girl killed by a hit and run driver. He was sentenced to 3 years ( he said he thought he hit a deer).

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
2/19/13 9:31 A

Stop making excuses and run! There's no reason not to run in the dark. If snow and ice are a problem then invest in special sneakers or screws/grippers.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/19/13 8:59 A

You just get up and do it; there's not really a secret. You get your workout clothes and everything ready the night before (sometimes, you may even want to sleep in them!) and have your shoes by your bed. Set the alarm, and GO.

The problem with motivation is that it can't come from the outside.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (201,975)
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2/19/13 8:53 A

I had no treadmill until my son was 1.5, I had races to train for, so it was outside for me, in any weather, every scheduled run day at 6 am or earlier.

Now I have a running partner who needs to be home by 7 am, and she is very very reliable, so bailing is not an option.

2/19/13 8:17 A

They just open a planet fitness, problem is its in southside so 30 minutes away and 1.45 in tolls. I dont have to worry about snow outdoors but my problem is I have to be getting ready at 6:30 am and I'm home after 5:30 pm .

ANGUSSANDY Posts: 10,516
2/19/13 7:15 A

I like running outside too. Just wait until the sun hits some of the icy spots.

2/19/13 7:00 A

I like running in the mornings while dark and the sun comes the summer. With the ice and snow in the winter I just won't place myself in harm's way - the risk of injury is too high. Can you run outside during the weekends? That's what I do when there are shoveled sidewalks anyway! I see people out running in the snow and I am amazed by their dedication but also worry for them hurting themselves.

Is there a planet fitness or something like that with low gym fees? I joined PF for $10/mo and would totally go back (we have a community fitness room now)

2/19/13 6:40 A

Hello everyone I need some advice. How do you get motivated to run outside? I keep talking myself out of it telling myself I am going to wait until it's light outside. I work an 8 - 5 job so it's dark when I wake up and it's dark when I get home.

I feel like running helped me a lot last during my last journey. When I would run in the morning I couldn't wait to come home from work and do something else, a work out dvd, weights, or a wii workout. I got down to 142 and I stayed there around a year.

Only problem is the last time I had a treadmill and now I don't.

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