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3/15/13 12:48 P

Wear your new shoes but let them dry naturally or with newspaper inside putting them too close to heat can cause them to break down faster.

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3/15/13 10:48 A

Thanks for your help!

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3/15/13 10:36 A

You should wear your least worn out shoes for long runs.

shoes dry out. water does not do a thing to them.

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3/15/13 9:45 A

This time of year I would just wear the new ones and then stick them over a heat register to dry. I wouldn't want to change to a different pair of shoes for a long run.

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3/15/13 9:43 A

I like to wear my old shoes in the rain -- but my old shoes lack support so I'd be afraid to wear them on a long run. I recently read in a magazine that if your shoes get wet, put crumpled up newspaper in them, and then replace it frequently and that will pull all of the water out, but I've never tried it so can't recommend.

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3/15/13 9:00 A

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. My husband and I are training for a half marathon together and tomorrow is our long run day (10 miles). I have a question about which shoes we should wear. Do you wear your old running shoes or get your current running shoes wet?

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