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KULTJAM Posts: 235
6/14/13 7:31 P

Thanks for the tips, offwego.

I'm fitted for my shoes, I'm sure they're good even if not top of the line.

OFFWERUN Posts: 105
6/14/13 7:28 P

My advice is that you want a shoe that you have been fitted for, but don't expect the shoe to prevent injuries. Sadly the running community has been led to believe that shoes, running surface, lack of recovery, etc are responsible for many running injuries, when in reality it is due to muscle imbalances (especially weakness in the hips and glutes) that we assume the equipment (shoes) and not the body. It's important to do hip work (clams, fire hydrants, lateral walks with a resistance band) in addition to doing a good dynamic warm-up (leg swings) before running. And remember too, that recovery is part of the program--you do, nor should you, feel the need to run daily as your body makes the adaptation to running when you are not running.


WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
6/14/13 11:51 A

I haven't got anything to add to this, so I'll just say Hooray for running!

I discovered I LOVE running and I look forward to getting out there.

ELLENSANGEL SparkPoints: (30,832)
Fitness Minutes: (19,155)
Posts: 111
6/14/13 10:09 A

I am starting the c25k tomorrow. I have to get shoes first.

KULTJAM Posts: 235
6/13/13 7:19 P

Great post, I have a pair of inexpensive shoes, should be OK to go...

MSNOVEMBER SparkPoints: (277)
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Posts: 27
6/13/13 11:59 A

THANK YOU!!!:)))

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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Posts: 867
6/13/13 11:48 A

I don't think I have anything to add that hasn't been mentioned already, so I'll just reiterate....

I highly recommend a Couch to 5k program--that's what got me going a year ago and I'm now training for my first half-marathon.

Definitely get good shoes--they make all the difference!

Don't run more than every other day. Your body needs the off days in between runs to recover and get stronger.

Don't worry about speed yet. That will come in time, but for now, just focus on endurance.

Stay hydrated! Especially as we head into the summer months (at least here in the northern hemisphere), make sure you're drinking enough water.

And definitely--have fun!

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
6/13/13 11:48 A

Run slower than you think you should. Just above a walk is fine if you are new to it. I still go slow. My running pace is only a minute or so faster than walking.

MSNOVEMBER SparkPoints: (277)
Fitness Minutes: (215)
Posts: 27
6/13/13 11:47 A

Thank you everyone so much for the tips! I am following the link sent. I have NEVER run in my life. My father who passed away 10 years ago was a daily runner. He would talk about how great he felt. Im hoping for the same results. Thank you all again for taking the time to answer. :)

JULISKA09 SparkPoints: (16,182)
Fitness Minutes: (14,997)
Posts: 225
6/13/13 9:33 A

Follow a good Couch to 5K program, use the talk test (if you can't talk, you're going too fast), and make sure you wear good running shoes and technical fiber clothing (not cotton).

Also, join some running Sparkteams. There are multiple ones to choose from.


MRSTIGHTWAD SparkPoints: (1,172)
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Posts: 80
6/13/13 8:37 A

I started running a few months ago. I bought a good pair of funning shoes right from the get go and broke them in before starting. HOWEVER.....I enjoyed it so much that in training for what would have been my first ever 5k, I overdid it. I ended up fracturing my tibial plateau and was sidelined for 2 months, at least from running. I still worked out, at least the uninjured parts of my body.

Only run two-three times a week and I agree with using the c25k program. I didn't and I progressed too quickly running nearly every day. Within a week I was up to 2.25 miles. That was too much for the bones to handle. My legs were definitely not accustomed to that kind of pounding.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (196,283)
Fitness Minutes: (81,607)
Posts: 9,586
6/13/13 8:08 A

My first tip is to make sure you have good running shoes. It's important for a shoe to fit you properly. It reduces the risk of injury, and blisters.

Don't get discouraged if you get out of breath soon, or can't run the distance you set out to do. It takes a while for your lungs to adapt to the new activity, and four times as long for your muscles, joints and tendons to develop. Start off slow, and pace yourself.

Now that the weather is warm (or hot) hydrate yourself before you start. You should drink 2 glasses 15 minutes before you head out.

And keep in mind there is no shame in having to do intervals of running and walking. When I started running, I though I was in great shape, because I would run 6 miles on the treadmill with ease, and then I got off the belt and onto solid ground, and it was a whole new ball game. I couldn't run 1 mile without having to stop and walk. Keep at it and you'll be off and running in no time.

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (100,667)
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6/13/13 2:56 A

I just started running about a year and a half ago, so I have a pretty fresh understanding of the boat you are in. I agree with the above post 100%. At first, I forced myself to do it and hated it. It gradually became less work and more enjoyable and now I LOVE running! It is an outlet and something for enjoyable for me. It took a long time before I felt that way about it, though!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
6/13/13 2:24 A

1. Build up a solid walking base first before starting to run.
2. The best way to transition to running is through a Couch to 5K program.
These programs work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking, and not only build your fitness, but give your leg muscles and tendons the time to gradually adapt to the impact and stresses of running.
3. Keep your running pace down at this stage. Less speed = less impact. And it is more important to get used to the motion of running, rather than worrying about the speed.


MSNOVEMBER SparkPoints: (277)
Fitness Minutes: (215)
Posts: 27
6/12/13 11:36 P

Hi all! I am new to running. Any tips for beginners ? Thank you in advance!

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