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9/9/13 11:24 A

Like others have said, I run intervals. I have found a few interval workouts online and I used them on the treadmill. It tells you the speed, how long at that speed, and the incline to set the mill to. I also found that whenever I added more ST to my workouts, my runs improved drastically because I was building more muscle in them with the added ST rather than just relying on running.

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9/9/13 10:28 A

Run longer and slower for endurance (that is, do 4 or 5 mile runs very slowly), and run shorter and faster for speed (the intervals someone suggested work fine, or you can get on a track and run 200m or 400m repeats with short breaks in between until you can't take it anymore). Do both, and you'll get faster. It doesn't have to be super complicated.

I'm a big believer in speed workouts. I'll never forget the one time in high school when we did our first major speed workout of the season (10 quarter mile repeats at about 1:20 -- wish I could run that fast now!) on a Tuesday or Wednesday, then on that Saturday I raced faster than I ever had by over 30 seconds, which is just an insane improvement for where I was at and how fast I was running at the time. I perceived no additional effort in doing this. My legs just moved more efficiently.

9/9/13 3:16 A

I think different things work for different people. For me I used intervals and speed running (no idea what it's really called) to increase my speed.

For the intervals I started just using landmarks. I'd lightly jog for a bit and then run as fast as I could manage between certain trees/signs etc. Then I'd slow down to a light jog again. I would repeat about 4 times. Then the next time I did it, I would go one tree further on my sprint and one tree less on my light jog. Now I actually use an interval timer which times me and tells me when to lightly jog and when to sprint.

The other thing I do is is run as fast as I can for as long as I can. I wanted to average a speed of 10:30 so I ran at this speed for 2 km to start (almost felt like I was going to die) and then finished my run at a really slow speed. Then I would slowly increase the distance I could run at this pace for. Now when I put my mind to it, I can run a 5km in 27minutes and I'm hoping to still improve a bit more.

These are just the things that work for. I also cross train with cycling and weight training which also helps! Good luck and I'm sure you will reach your goal very very soon!!!!

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9/8/13 7:54 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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9/8/13 7:41 P

The easiest way for someone who currently runs 5Ks is to run more and longer. No confusing speedwork necessary.

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9/8/13 7:33 P

I'm running my first 5 km in about a month and right now I currently run 5k in about 30 minutes. I want to run faster for the race but I don't really understand all the running jargon you find in books and stuff. So in simplest terms please what should I do? I can run fast but quickly lose steam as I'm more of a slow long distance runner.

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