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2/21/14 11:24 P

The only reason I said running is harder because in cycling you can coast and running is all weight bearing.

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2/21/14 10:55 P

I think that a lot of things can play into which exercise is the most efficient calorie burner for any given individual. Namely, like someone else said, whether an exercise inspires you to push yourself harder and also whether your body can handle said exercise form. For me, I always burn more calories cycling than jogging because when cycling I can push myself to my full limit. When attempting to jog I am somewhat limited by knee issues and just can't maintain a speed that would burn the same calories that I can on the bike.

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2/20/14 8:43 P

I use to be a runner so my thoughts are that I had to do 3 times as much work on a bike to get the same results that I did running.

You didn't stat your weight so that plays somewhat into a running program. If you are somewhat on the heavier side your body will take more of a beating. I guess you have purchased yourself a good pair of running shoes. I like the sit up bike versus the recumbent but if it works for you go for it.

Good luck on your journey.

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2/9/14 5:19 A

If you really want to know how many calories you burn, you need a HRM. Don't trust the machine at the gym!! I just recently got one and I love it ! ( in fact I just said to my DH " my watch says I need to exercise 50 more min today!"). I bike and I jog. I get a much better workout/calories burned by jogging. Like double. But it's tough. I can't jog everyday. I try for 3 times a week and biking 3 or 4. I usually bike 10-20km. I jog 3-5km. My heart rate while jogging is much much higher than biking.

You will get better at running. I use map my walk on my iPhone. I started using it in nov. I walked/jogged to begging with. I was 12 min a km, now I am down to 9min a km. yeah still slow, but better than I was. I am started to kinda like it, but I like biking more!!! :))

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2/9/14 12:07 A

Ok I'm a distance cyclists who has been off for awhile and now am getting back in shape going to Planet Fitness so I'm in pretty good shape when spring starts.

I don't like the recumbent bikes, they take more adjustment to possibly get the right setting so you don't have knee problems. On the sit up bikes when you foot is in the lowest position normal setting(neutral position) is a 30 degree bend in your knee when you foot is all the way down or 6 oclock position. That's is easy to check out on the sit up but I don't know how you measure that on the recumbent bikes. Just my thoughts and hope it helps.

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2/8/14 6:29 A

The impact of running can be hard on the body, and it can take a while for the leg muscles and tendons to adapt to the impact of running.

The time this adaptation takes means that in the short term your legs be the limiting factor in how fast you can run, and how hard you can exercise. And yes, a form of exercise that is unfamiliar will feel harder than one you are used to.

In terms of which will benefit you the most, the answer is both. Your muscles get more efficient (ie. burn fewer calories) at any activity you do regularly, so cross-training with two very different forms of exercise will actually develop a more all-round fitness, and burn more calories than doing the same amount of a single form of exercise.


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2/4/14 1:11 P


First the best cardio exercise is one that you enjoy and (more importantly) the one that you enjoy pushing yourself to do more intensely as you improve. If you want to continue to push on with the running, make sure you have good running shoes, not just gym shoes that look ok but you've had them for 2-3 years. Running (even on a treadmill) is hard on the joints and good shoes are the first line of protection for your joints.

Google "Couch to 5k" when you get a chance. It is an interval program that guides you from walking 30 minutes to running for 30 minutes.

Finally, doing multiple types of cardio is never a bad thing. So if you like the bike, keep the bike 2 days a week and try the treadmill one day or any other combination thereof.


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2/4/14 12:29 P

Hello there. I wanted to share my news that I ran today. My gym routine so far has been 3 days of recumbent cycling with 2 day of weights in between each cardio session.

According to the fitness tracker, I burn more calories by doing the cycling however after running today, I feel like I’ve done a tougher workout in comparison to my usual cycling workout.

My question is, which one will I benefit from the most and in the long term? I have read that running is the best form of exercise however I am overweight and I do find running a challenge. I do feel a benefit from cycling however my goal is weight loss and once I’m down to my ideal weight, I intend to stay fit and build up my strength / tone up properly.

I’ve been doing recumbent cycling for a while – 20-25 minute sessions at approx. 15-17mph on an interval setting which gives an overall speed of approx. 14.5mph when I get the summary at the end of my workout and approx. 300-400 kcal burn.

I’ve always wanted to run however I’ve never managed to get the breathing right which results in failed attempts.

On my first treadmill attempt today, I told myself that a fast walk would be ideal to start with and finish with a 5 minute run before a 5 minute cool down walk and I did it! 20 minutes in total.

Can anyone offer any advice on whether I should stick to running with the intention of building my
Walk 15-20mins/run for 5 minute workout upto an eventual 25 min run (incl 5 min cooldown)?
Stick with what I’m doing on the recumbent?

It will take me a while to get to the stage where running burns as many / more Kcals than cycling however I am happy to persist if I can continue to lose weight in the meantime…

Is there more to a cardio workout than how many calories are burnt? I do feel more exhausted today than I normally would have if I’d done the recumbent however the fitness tracker says otherwise…

Obviously I will be maintaining the weights on the intermittent days in between cardio.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you in advance

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