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MISSNUSS Posts: 120
2/17/13 6:39 P

Ah, ok, thanks for the info. about the tracker. And thanks to both of y'all for your advice.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (254,056)
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2/17/13 6:25 P

If you are feeling weak and unwell as well, I certainly would NOT be going for a run!!!

It sounds like your body is trying to get over whatever it was that was plaguing it, and to do that it needs the energy to focus on that. MAYBE going for a little walk would be o.k.

As far as the tiredness etc. is concerned, apart from having not been well, what is your eating like? Are you getting good quality food and a variety of it? Ensure that you are getting a good mix of good protein (not from processed meats, etc.) and that you are getting plenty of fruit/veges into the mix. Also, ensure that you keep yourself well hydrated!

I went to have a peak at your nutrition tracker to see if there was anything there that could be tweaked to help you, but either you don't use it, or you don't share it. If you DO use it, then if you open it, even for a little while, so that we can see what is going on, you will perhaps get some better input.

Take care, and remember, look after yourself!

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2/17/13 6:09 P

I'd go and run 2-3 miles, just don't have very high expectations.

I was feeling terrible (similar kind of non-energy you described), headache, and I had to kick my butt hard out the door for 16 miles yesterday, but I felt much better afterwards.

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MISSNUSS Posts: 120
2/17/13 5:27 P

Hey y'all. I apologize for posting this in the panic section, but I dont have much time before the gym closes. I have been sick for about 1.5 - 2 weeks. Not the flu or anything, just stuffy ears, sometimes a headache, a cough that has (mostly gone away) and being tired. Well, being tired is the problem. I feel weak and want to sleep, but I want to go run SO BADLY. What can I do? I have been walking around till I get tired (literally feet dragging) but I feel like I am losing all of my work. Help please?

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