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11/28/12 10:27 A

Interesting point, Gordomoose. How might that impact this analysis, Coaches?

11/27/12 1:04 P

Fat loss tends to be easier for many people at higher protein levels.

Are you vegetarian?

RUNNINGAL425 Posts: 1,070
11/26/12 12:31 P

I agree. I think that the reason many runners do not lose weight is that they justify eating more because they ran that day. However, the often overdo it. I try not to adjust my diet unless I am running more than 2 hours a day, or above 30 miles a week.

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11/19/12 12:11 P

The book did not specify so I am glad I asked. That should make my weight loss alot easier!!

Thanks emoticon

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11/14/12 9:24 P

Another runner jumping in here who agrees that you have to be running fairly significant distances before you require a "Special diet"

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11/14/12 5:25 P

I agree with Jen - if you were training for a half or full marathon, and running 30+ miles per week, it may be a different matter.

But 9-12 miles over a week is not going to drive your protein needs significantly higher than what Spark already allows for.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,003
11/14/12 3:20 P

Your SP recommended range should be totally fine for the number of miles you're doing.

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

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11/14/12 3:12 P

I run 9-12miles a week. My SP protein was 60-137g. The difference would be 72-145.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,003
11/14/12 2:53 P

How much are you currently running? For most people, eating in their SparkPeople recommended protein range should be sufficient. How does your SP range compare to the range you've calculated below?

Coach Jen

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11/14/12 1:42 P

I am reading a book about running and it says I should be eating 50-75% of my weight in grams of protein. (ex:145lbs=72.5-109g of protein) I have been struggling with staying in my nutrition goals when doing this. I haven't gained weight but I am not losing it doing this. I still have 10 pounds I would like to lose.

Any advise?? emoticon

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