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9/8/13 9:34 A

If any exercise causes you pain, not the DOMS kind, real physical pain. Stop doing it!

Look into some low impact exercise instead like biking, swimming and strength training.

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9/8/13 7:59 A


When I first started jogging I had a swelling and range of motion problem with one knee.
I wouldn't feel pain so much as feel the impact, where my other knee would be perfectly fine.

After going to the Dr. she gave me exercises to do and while going to the floor to do one of the exercises, I hear a little pop and the swelling went down in minutes.

Weeks after that the swelling would come and go.
When I started strength training my hamstring, calves and quads I noticed a marked improvement in how my knees handled jogging impact.
I also bought those Tommy Coppers which you see on tv - basically a compression sock for the knee. I haven't had any problem with swelling after that.

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9/8/13 6:56 A

Running is hard on the body, and it can take a while for your leg muscles and tendons to adapt to the stresses and impact of running.

The best way into running is through a Couch to 5K program. Rather than running continuously, these programs work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking, and allows your body time to adapt.

I'd ease off the running until the pain goes, then restart very gently through a C25K program!


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9/7/13 8:39 P

A few questions.

1) How long have you been walking before you took up running?
2) Are you strength training?
3) Have you seen your doctor?
4) How much are you running (for how long, how many days a week?)
5) When are your rest days?

Pain that persists more than a couple of days is a sign something is wrong. Only a doctor can provide adequate guidance on pain relief, because causes of pain can differ. What may be hurting your knees may not be your knees, but improperly fitted shoes (yes, even if you get fitted, there's a lot of room for error... especially if you're inexperienced in telling what a good fit is for yourself.), poor form, overtraining, and other underlying injuries can be at fault.

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9/7/13 8:34 P

Could be many different things. Runners' Knee, and ITBS both spring to mind, and are different injuries with different treatments.

You should go and see a sports physio and get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. We can't tell which problem your knee actually is from this kind of description.

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9/7/13 7:44 P

I have started running three weeks ago and it hasn't been easy but finally the last few days I can really tell it is getting easier and I can actually say finally for the first time in my life I enjoy it!

Problem is my knees are really bad the last few days. They hurt really bad and I have been putting ice on them and taking Aleve but really no relief. I went to runner store and got fitted for running shoes so I know the shoes aren't a problem. I think it's just my body is not use to running and I still have some weight to lose. So question is how do you relieve this pain?I really don't want to give up on running.


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