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7/25/14 8:59 A

I'm awaiting my PT to let me know what they think about the rowing machine. I did find rower that converts to a recumbent bike (ProLine? makes it?)

I'm trying to figure some low impact workout machine I won't be bored on.

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7/24/14 8:12 P

A better bet would be a recumbent bicycle, I think a rowing machine would place quite a lot of pressure on your knees. A recumbent will help you with range of motion and for building the muscles supporting the knee without putting extra stress on your knees as you work towards full recovery. If you want a full body workout use hand weights or bands while cycling.

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7/24/14 10:01 A

You might want to ask your doctor or physical therapist for their advice, since they know the most about your medical history.

Coach Jen

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7/24/14 9:52 A

I had knee surgery in March (knee cap re-alignment and ligaments/tendons were replaced), I still have issues and the elliptical kinda hurts.

Any experience with Rowing Machines and knee issues?

I'd like to try but concerned how it would do for my knee.

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