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4/15/06 11:41 A

Now that the weather is warming up here in NY I'm psyched to start taking some of my workouts outside. It's always an eye-opener when you think you're in good shape, doing other cardio, but then you go running and you have no wind!

I hope to one day start training for a 5K, but right now, I have too many goals on my plate. So I'm just happy to switch it up and challenge my body by running more. The other day, I did some intervals on the treadmill, which was great, and I stopped knowing that I could do more; such a great feeling!

HOPE4ALL Posts: 541
4/15/06 9:51 A

I've been running on the treadmill for about a month or so (up to 3 miles at about 13.5 minutes a mile)and will be relocating outside once the weather turns.

I've heard it is harder to run outside but I'm looking forward to the change.

Would like to participate in a 5k this fall

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/15/06 2:30 A

Isn't that the best part when you start running? I find the inner thighs so hard to work out, but after the first run, I thought...yippee, this is the sport for me:):)

Welcome everyone, this is a great place to share tips.

So.....I had to work today, so tried to stick to my routine of working until noon, running until 1245, then lunch. I work at the back corner of the office, got changed for my run, and headed up front. Imagine my surprise to see the torrential downpour when it was sunny only a few short hours, alas, no run today:(

Maybe tomorrow, but for sure on Sunday (when the kids knock themselves out from too much chocolate:)

Happy Easter all, and again, welcome everyone to our group.

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4/14/06 11:51 P

Hi everyone!

I may be the newest runner of us all. I started four days ago and have ran twice...if you can even call it running! I've never ran but I've always wanted to. I have been going to our local great which has a great trail and before I started I read all about timing ourselves. But I just can't do it. Instead, I count. I can't jog very far at all, but I set goals for myself. I'll count up to 200 paces and see how I feel. Then I'll count out 200 walking steps. Then 200 more jogging steps. I know this isn't very far, but it's farther than I've ever ran before. And I am sooooo sore! I didn't realize running worked out your inner thighs so much!

Thanks for all of the advice on proper form while running as well as the different training websites. I think I'll check them out!

Good luck with your running everyone! And keep up the good work. You guys are such an inspiration to people like me!

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4/14/06 10:28 P

I just started running in January and ran my first race last weekend (5 miles). In May I'm running a mini-marathon. The best thing I did to get started was join a local running club. They offered a training program for the mini. They gave me a schedule of what to run every day and twice a week we get together and run as a group. I know I never would have stuck with it this long and been so committed to it if I was trying to do it on my own.


4/14/06 10:17 P

Whoops! The thing I forgot to add it that the switch from 1 min. running/4 walking to 5 running/1 walking is that it's gradual and that you change at a rate of about 1 min./week (meaning the second week you run for 2, walk for three; the third week you run for 3, walk for 2; etc.)

Got to get used to this posting thing again.


4/14/06 10:11 P

I am an on/off runner who is currently getting ready for a Mother's Day 5K. Whenever I "start over", I use the run/walk training guide on I haven't looked recently, but I'm sure it's still there. You start out by walking 4 minutes, running 1 and then start to change over (as the weeks go by) to running 5, walking 1, etc. Last year I decided to do this same 5K one month before and was able to go from no running to running the whole thing in 4 weeks. The biggest thing I learned is that it's okay to walk and that you're not a wimp if you can't run your whole route.

Happy runnning!

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4/14/06 9:07 P

I'm not new to running, but I still consider myself a beginner because of the amount of times I've had to start over. My daughter is 18 months old now, but I have gone up 10 pounds since I had her. At one point I was only 12 pounds from my weight loss goal and now I'm up to my heaviest point again at 30 pounds away.
I once ran a half marathon, but I'm starting over slowly because I'm heavy for a runner I don't want to hurt my knees. I'm doing 3 mile walk/runs on the treadmill and when I get down closer to 175, I will try running outside again.
I'm anxious to get down closer to my goal weight of 155, and I'm going to train to run a marathon!
Good luck to you all

4/14/06 7:50 P


I'm a very rookie runner myself, but what I read on about form is that sprinters land on the balls of their feet and distance runners land on their heels. So if you're trying to switch from sprinting to distance, it might feel a little odd. They also recommend not using your arms too much unless you're really trying to make it up a hill.

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TIGWELDKAT Posts: 1,131
4/14/06 6:49 P

Hi all, I hope you do not mind one more joining in. I am just starting this running thing (although I did it with great success about 6 years ago) I went out monday night and made it about a half mile before I had to walk, boy was that a rude awakening. Anyway I probably won't be able to run again until I get my jogging stroller, but I ordered it today so by this time next week I will be embarassing myself again, but at least I will have company. Until I get the new stroller I will be "power walking", but I think it is helping with my endurance anyway. Wish me luck.

LUCKYGIRL45 Posts: 282
4/14/06 6:35 P

Hi all, You sound like advanced "rookie" runners on this list! I started more seriously in January and am up to about 3 miles on a regular basis and some longer distances (4-6 miles) once a week. has been recommended to me too, but I haven't signed up yet. I will have to try it!

JENSJEN Posts: 4,377
4/14/06 6:33 P

someday, i really want to run a marathon. currently, i can run about 1/4 mile, and i die.
i exercise often - i do about 30-40 minutes of aerobics, or i can walk for hours, but something about running makes my lungs stop working, and my heart beat too fast...
i really want to run a marathon. i want to push myself, and finish something that seems so impossible!

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/14/06 5:43 P

So not an expert either .... for more experienced advice, you might ask your q in the "running group" thread; there, there are people training for half anf full marathons. Some day, maybe....

Anyhow, I did have someone who runs often instruct me about form, so I will pass on what I was told by him: great, fitted (by a running shop pro) shoes for your particular gait; short strides, not long strides for endurance/distance; yes, land on the heel and roll off the ball of the foot (a little like a rocking motion and like you have springs in the ball of your foot); not a lot of big movements with the legs; stay upright and loose (feeling relaxed is key and it can help to loosely cup your fingers like a C); shake out your arms from time to time to release any tension; try not to get the momentum from your arms rather than your legs; breathe deeply and regularly (I was told if my breathes got out of rhythm or too shallow to really focus on breathing deep through my nose and out my mouth for a few strides to regain my breathe control); always, always, always cool down. I periodically remember to check my posture and make sure my shoulders are not rolling forward or I am not scrunching up my shoulders or neck, since I have a tendency to do this and if I do I end up with shoulder/neck soreness.

UOFIGIRL SparkPoints: (41,714)
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4/14/06 5:23 P

Form question:
I'm SO not an expert in this, but I land on my heals and roll forward to the ball along my arches. Great running shoes are cradling my feet nicely. Only time I feel pain in my legs is when running uphill.

As for my upper body, I try to keep my torso upright, and my shoulders loose. My arms I let move naturally, but straight forward and back (they're not flopping in front of my body). Pretty much the only time I really think about my arms is near the end of my 2nd mile when I'm using them to pump myself forward, or when running uphill. For the most part, they're just loose. If I feel any tension in my upper body, it seems to be in my abs.

4/14/06 4:57 P

Hi! I'm new to running and I have a few questions about the details. What is correct form? Right now, all the training I've had is for baserunning and sprinting/turning quickly. I'm guessing long distance form is way different. But so far I concentrate on keeping my upper body straight and keeping my arms floppy. I have really short strides, should I try to lengthen them or go with my natural movement? I run about 3 miles in 30 minutes right now and I've noticed long strides make me really tired. Is that a good thing? And what do I do with my arms? You don't do the "ear to pocket" movement in long distance running do you? Sorry I have so many questions! And do you land on the balls of your feet?

GREENMAMA Posts: 1,426
4/14/06 4:37 P

Hi all,

I am about to start doing a walk-run program to ease myself into running.

I am excited because running always seemed like something that I felt I never could be in good enough shape to do. And now after getting into a fitness groove with aerobics and walking and some strength training, I feel confident that I can do it.

I recently picked up a used copy of Runner's World Complete Book of Running and am using the Ease into Running program by Bud Coates.

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WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/14/06 4:32 P

Welcome, all. Luckey, that's great progress you have made!

I found that I really needed to build up my walking fitness first, before I gave running a whole hearted try. This was probably more a mental thing for me than a physical thing. I tried initially to run about 1 1/2 months ago, and it really did not go well. I had mild shoulder pain (from being too stiff when I ran), and mentally, I could not seem to get myself to start, or if I did, to keep going, and was discouraged. Now that my walking fitness is up to handling 5-6 moderate or fast paced miles easily, I am back to the running. I am fairing much better now. I mix running and walking still but look forward to the day I can make my whole distance without stopping to walk.

Oooh, thanks for the shin splint tip. I am going to give it a try.

Good luck, everyone.

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4/14/06 4:31 P

Hi everybody! Welcome newcomers... I'm pretty new myself. Went on a run/walk with a friend this a.m. around Spring Lake, a little manmade puddle in Santa Rosa. Beautiful oaks, lots of great birds, a great loop for 3.7 miles. Am working hard to cultivate a few running buddies. I like my solitude, but it's nice to workout with a friend time and again. My other workout partner is visiting family in Malaysia for 6 weeks and I miss her!

For any of you taking it slow, I hear you...I'm more than willing to progress slowly if it will help me to avoid injury.

For shinsplints in particular another girl on Sparkpeople posted to a different thread this tip from her mom, an experienced marathoner: "Write" an entire cursive alphabet in bare feet, imagining you are holding an invisible pencil between your toes. It really is a great shin warmer/cooler before and after a run. (Alternate feet, or do a complete set on each.)

My husband is an experienced runner with knee issues. He just finished a whole orthopedic consult with follow-up PT and their refrain was "strength train, strength train, strength train!" His exercises target all the muscle attachments to increase stability all around.

Happy, happy Easter, Passover, Spring to all. My little one is pretty seriously down with flu, so we may have to cut down our celebration with my in-laws.

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LUCKEY Posts: 14
4/14/06 4:17 P

Hi, I just started running about a month 1/2 ago. You should buy the book called The Non-runner's Marathon trainer. I'm about 230lbs and I'm already running more than 30 minutes a day. And trust me, I've never been a runner. Good luck!

CRANKYBUBBLES SparkPoints: (6,156)
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4/14/06 2:57 P

Hi I just started running but on the treadmill and I can only do it in intervals my goal is to be able to run 30 minutes staright by the summer and then I think I will take it outside any advice I have kinda bad knees and weigh alot at 241 that is why I am taking it so slow emoticon

UOFIGIRL SparkPoints: (41,714)
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4/14/06 2:47 P

Can I join in the fun? I'm still on the Couch to 5K program, and I have my first race next Saturday. Still not at the point where I can say I LOVE to run, but I do enjoy seeing my own improvement as time goes on.

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/14/06 1:58 P

Had a great run today .... ran 2 miles straight, walked 1 mile to make sure I did not jolt my shins too much (I live in fear of shin splints!), then ran/walked alternating half miles for an additional 2 miles until I hit a total of 5 miles.

Carofree, I notice my knees feel it more when I walk in between. Maybe when I walk, I am not walking fast enough, so the revving up to run again strains my knees. I still don't have the endurance not to include some walking, and I don't want to get shint splints. After a while, I am hoping to cut the in between walking out.

I think it's important generally to slow down when tired and really concentrate on running form; I do sprint occasionally for 100 yards or so, particularly when tired, just to get my energy going, prevent boredom, and change the length of my stride. That seems to help my knees as well. I stretch/shake my arms alot to keep loose and relaxed and I make sure I am not rolling my shoulders forward. I concentrate on maintaining the rythym of my steps when I am tired.

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/14/06 2:19 A

I had a pretty good one (for the most part) today as well. My running bud and I did about 2 miles, then walked for about 100 m, ran another 2 miles, then my knee started doing its thing as well....I see a trend.

When I am fresh, my knee has no issues, when I get tired, my muscles around my knee aren't protecting it as much, so it hurts. Thinking that maybe more interval training may work...what do you guys think?

RLANTO SparkPoints: (9,261)
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4/14/06 1:52 A

Well, we didn't do the arboretum. We ran the River Corridor. It was a nice easy run, sorta. There was a coolish breeze coming off the river, so it made the run a bit more comfortable. Did 2.5miles, although I did it in 37 minutes. The last mile was pretty rough with my knee, but I haven't run that distance in a while, so I was pretty proud. I'm just going to do a treadmill on Saturday for my next run, because I need to go easy on it.

I hope everyone has a really great weekend!!

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/13/06 10:51 A

I was out twice too.... my run and later in the day a 3 mile walk (though that one had an end destination). Rlanto, good luck with the hills.

Today is a day off for me on my running schedule. Have fun, all.

RLANTO SparkPoints: (9,261)
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4/13/06 2:37 A

Hi everyone! It sounds like everyone is doing well!! I have plans tomorrow to go running in a nearby park with my roommate. Let's see how this turns out with the hills and my knees. I'm looking forward to how pretty the run is going to be.

I'm looking forward to the 5k season, which has actually started for everyone else, but mine doesn't start until May when I run the Lou Cox here in Dayton.

Have a pleasent run tomorrow, everyone!!!

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/13/06 1:07 A

Hi all,
I actually made it out twice today, about 5 k (3 miles) at lunch, and a walk/run for 45 min after work. Went pretty well, but had a huge headwind....felt like I was having a tough time breathing. I think it actually may be getting easier, and I definately feel more fit:)

Glad to see everyone else doing well, outside IS definately dift than inside running.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone:)


4/12/06 4:21 P

Hey Wisesight -- I've seen you around because we've posted to some of the same threads. Love your artwork. Hi everyone...

I don't think I'm going to get to run today. My littlest one is between preschool programs and today she's got a lowgrade fever, plus its raining (AGAIN), which means no jogger stroller rides or playdates for her...

Took my oldest to her 1st orthodontist appt. and then took both of them out for a celebratory lunch. It was my first meal out in a restaurant since starting Sparkpeople almost a month ago and OMYGOD did the portions seem huge!! I felt like I was in Gulliver's travels... Even the bloody plates seemed oversize!

Happy running to all of you lucky enough to get out there today! Thinking of you all... L.

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/12/06 12:45 P

Made it out today! And I actually ran, well most of the time. I ran one mile, walked 1/2 mile, and ran another mile. I feel pretty good about that.

It is definitely so much harder outside. I was either running into the wind or it was a bit hot, and my legs were so, so, so heavy. Where I run is pretty darn flat (thankfully); don't think I could handle hills right now. =) Good for you for trying, Rlanto.

Best of luck, all!

oh, and welcome, Lynnettecs.

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4/12/06 1:49 A

I use coolrunning too!! I like that I can track how my pace is improving with the running log.

I did my first "outside" run, since starting to train for 5Ks. It was really hard going for me. A real confidence killer, if I hadn't expected that it was going to be so. Although, I couldn't resist, because it was so gorgeous outside today in Ohio. I did a total of a 1.6mi in a run/walk, so I was happy. My knee was more sore then normal, but there was small hills and my knee really wasn't ready for those after the injury!

Ah well. Thursday, my roommate (an experienced runner) and I are goign to run at the local arboretum. That should be a treat with the hills!!

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/12/06 1:37 A

That is funny, I ran in the rain for the first time since starting this journey, and had a heck of a time getting going....walked way more than usual. What do you think the issue is...the humidity, or our attitudes?

4/12/06 1:16 A

Hi... I just found this thread. I've just started running, too, and thought it would be fun to jump in here. My runs are all over the place, too; some days I feel strong and fast and other days its like I'm in quicksand. It really is a mind/body sport, isn't it? Some days I guess I just need to walk. My husband is an experienced runner and he got me doing wind sprints. I walk a block, run a block (but you've got to really RUN, like you're trying to catch a bus), and those have helped with my endurance I think. He's training for a half marathon in July and I think he has used CoolRunning too.

Anyhow, my biggest challenge has been getting used to running in the rain. Northern CA has had an insane amount of rain this past month. Usually it's pretty cool and moody, but today a car came along the shoulder of the road and just tsunami-ed me. I was drenched!

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RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/12/06 12:55 A

I actually did NOT want to run today, but made myself's amazing how our bodies crave what we have been giving them. I had such a stressfull day, and went for my run where the worries just slipped away (for the 45 min that I was out there). The great thing is that the problems came back, but not nearly as severe...
Gotta like that:)

4/11/06 10:15 P

A few weeks ago, I signed up with a site called It's oriented towards advanced runners, with lots of training schedules for 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon, as well as speedwork and other stuff. However, they also have an excellent "New runners" section. I'm currently doing the "Couch-to-5k" program, which has as its stated goal training those who are new to running to run a 5K. You start out alternating running and walking, initially run 60 seconds and then walk 90 seconds, alternating for a total of 20 minutes. Gradually the running intervals increase and the walking intervals first increase to accommodate the longer runs and then decrease til they're phased out. Although I've been apprehensive each time I moved up a tier, my body has actually kept pace. I really recommend this program to anyone who wants a structured way to learn to run.

The site also has a pretty comprehensive list of injuries and how to take care of them, as well as a good primer on how to choose running shoes.


WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/11/06 8:58 P


Back from DC. I ran in DC, though only on a treadmill, doing 2+ miles one day and 3+ the second day, without stopping to walk. Yea me. I was all set to run today, but -- frown -- ended up walking the whole time. Don't know what gets into my head sometimes. I did walk for 7 miles. I figured if I ended up deciding to walk, I'd better walk for a while. Hopefully, tomorrow the running part will actually occur.

Keep it up.

RLANTO SparkPoints: (9,261)
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4/9/06 1:45 A

I went out for my run today, although I did it on the treadmill because I'm a wuss when it comes to cold and it was seriously chilly out today. Anyways, I felt good during the run. It was good to get out and just go. I went at a slower pace today, going for length between walk breaks. It wasn't the best run I've ever had, but it was one that left me accomplished feeling!!

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/7/06 1:27 A

I went for a jog today, and one of my co-workers came with me. What a dift experience. When you have music playing in your ears, you can't hear yourself breathing heavy, so your mind doesn't realize you are actually working. With her, I was trying to be the runner, and she was trying to keep up (both not willing to surrender:):) In the end, I made her walk twice, but that's ok, I think we started something that can be fun:)

I hope you guys had a fun one:)

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/6/06 1:50 A

HI Dee,

That's hilarious:) I do the same thing...if you run to the end of the path, you can walk, or if you make it 50 steps past where you did yesterday, you can walk an extra 20, the power the mind has over us.

I hope your visit goes well, I'm sure there are really scenic runs in DC, those are the best, because you are looking at new sights, and your mind doesn't have enough time to think...HMMMMMMM I think we have run further than we have ever done, we need a break:)

I don't get to shower after workout at lunch, I generally come back to the office, stretch in the girls office (I touch bases with the bookkeepers and see if they are doing ok), drink my water and eat my salad, then head to the bathroom with a facecloth and some soap.

The worst is if I forget to take off makeup before I run because my skin kills me.

We are strong, we can do this,

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/6/06 1:18 A

Hi Carefoot.

Yeah, it's not that I get tired; it's mental, pretty much. I just stop and end up walking. If I somehow make myself keep going, I can (well, at least as far as two miles).

When I manage to run for a while, it's because I succeed on making deals with myself along the way and giving myself permission to stop and walk, like I only need to run as far the next signpost (where I run along the lake, every half mile has a sign post telling you it's been a half mile; very convenient) and then telling myself the same thing when I get there. But enough of the time, I give myself permission to stop and walk ... and I stop and walk. Oh well. When I get in the zone, though, I really like it; it's good for clearing the head.

I am visiting friends the next few days in DC; hopefully, I will find a place and motivation to run.

What do you do about showering after you run if you run at lunch? The gym? It works better for me either early morning or post 5:00. So glad it's lighter longer now.

Keep up your runs.


SPYRO1123 Posts: 329
4/6/06 1:11 A

as someone who posts on the running thread, you are all more than welcome, jogging is running! I have seen a lot of the same questions and the people there are great. I just dont want anyone to feel intimidated, whatever your experiance we have all been in a similar place.

happy trails

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/6/06 1:06 A

Hi Wisesight,
I started about 2 months ago, mostly because I needed to get out of the office at lunch for sanity sake. It is actually great to have a good reason to leave, and the path I run is along okanagan lake, so the run almost seems easy. When you find yourself stopping, is it because your legs are tired, or you are breathing heavy? It seems strange that my mind seems to decide that I should stop a lot of the time, not that my legs feel tired or I am breathing heavy.

It also seems to take only about 20-30 steps and I can go again - weird isn't it:)

Anyhow, good luck with the runs, they are a wonderful procrastination technique!!!!


RLANTO SparkPoints: (9,261)
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4/5/06 3:53 A

Thanks, I'm rooting for you too!! Getting back into shape isn't always easiest thing to do! I hope your next run goes well and leaves you feeling satisfied!

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/5/06 3:51 A

Rooting for you. You'll get your satisfaction. It's great that you are still willing for volunteer.

RLANTO SparkPoints: (9,261)
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4/5/06 3:49 A

If there's no pain, you should be okay, but it's always good to know. My old agency does a 5k every year for a benefit. It's got a huge picnic and benefit concert, so it's a good time on a Friday night. I quit working for them a little under 2 years ago. Hopefully by the time I run that particular race, I'll have dropped nearly 70lbs from what I weighed when I quit working for them. It'll be good to see the looks on the faces of some of my old co-workers, one in particular will be especially satisfying. I may even get back involved in the agency as a volunteer to help train the youths involved in the agency, as there is a physical fitness component to the program. I remember how horrible it was to get them to train, especially in the winter.

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/5/06 3:45 A

I'll ask my doctor about it at my next check-up. I've had this problem a long time ... doesn't hurt, at least not yet ... Thanks for the info. Good luck on building up to that 5K. It's cool that you set a goal like that. Right now, my goal is just to manage to jog consistently.

I just did a web search. I have a slight alignment problem (genetic) with that leg, which is listed as a potential factor in leading to this problem. Interesting.

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RLANTO SparkPoints: (9,261)
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4/5/06 3:41 A

That's what I do. You may want to get it checked out, in case you have Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome. It's something you can keep running with, but eventually, it'll start to wear your knee area down and cause you quite a bit of pain. It also tends to cause tendonitis and bursitis in the area.

I take a basic anti-inflammatory when mine asks up.

Edited by: RLANTO at: 4/5/2006 (03:41)
WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/5/06 3:39 A

Hey, my knee cap slips around, too, on one leg only though.

RLANTO SparkPoints: (9,261)
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4/5/06 3:32 A

I just started running. I use a site called Cool Running to help me train. My goal is to do 5ks this summer, one in particular for an agency that I used to work for. Right now, I do about a 5min brisk walk warm up then a run/walk for a while, then cool down. Right now with the warm-up my speed's just at about 13min/mile, which I'm quite happy with.

I have patellofemoral p.s., which translates into runner's knee. My kneecap likes to move around when I run, so I have to take it slow to build up the muscles around my thigh and kneecap in order to not overuse my legs and hurt myself in the long run.

WISESIGHT Posts: 1,262
4/5/06 1:47 A

I am starting, quite slowly. I can go 2 miles at about a 13 minute mile. However, I can't seem to make myself do it very regularly. I get out there all intent to run and I end up deciding to walk. The walk is good; I go 3-4 miles, which is 45 min-68 min depending on my speed (almost as fast as I could run it if I managed to run). I know I can build up speed and burn more calories if I run regularly. I am not sure what to do to make myself do it.

RACING4ME Posts: 7,761
4/5/06 1:05 A

Hi all,
I checked out the running group chat, and I am not there yet...but still progressing. Is anyone here starting out w/ jogging, looking to chat about it with other people in the same boat?


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