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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/5/13 2:46 P

ooo good find Yojulez!

i think i know what i'm having for dinner tonight :)

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3/5/13 2:38 P

By the way I just ran across this chart on Pinterest... guide to roasting veggies from Good Housekeeping:

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/5/13 1:49 P

I don't think i would try roasting a fresh artichoke; those are better steamed. The only part of the artichoke that would lend itself to roasting would be the heart (the SMALL section of solid artichoke that remains once you pull all the petals off). So unless you live in artichoke-growing country and they were really cheap... I wouldn't bother.

Eggplant - nice and shiny and firm to the touch.

you can roast it whole (prick it a couple times, and roast for about 45 min) - when it comes out it deflates into a wrinkly unattractive purple mass. But you don't eat it like that! You peel off the skin and use the soft pulp as a base for eggplanty things like Baba Ganoush (a delicious dip made of pureed roast eggplant, tahini [sesame paste], lemon juice olive oil and garlic).

OR you can cube it up (leave the skin on or not, your preference). some people will toss it with salt and let it stand in a colander for awhile (apparently this makes it less prone to absorbing oil, and/or helps remove bitterness) but to be honest i never bother with this step. Just cube it up, toss with some olive oil, roast. I tend NOT to eat it alone - i mix it with other roasted veg, or toss into a pasta dish.... or, something i did recently was to slice it into rounds, dip in egg and breadcrumbs (or panko) and later top the roasted slices with some cheese (mozza/parmesan) and tomato sauce - instant eggplant parmigian.

SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
3/5/13 1:28 P

One more question, I have no experience with buying and preparing artichokes or eggplants. What should I look for when buying one as far as ripeness, firmness, signs of being too ripe/not ripe? Do they have cores either that arent edible or do I just cut them up and cook them?Soory for the questions, just curious and for me if out turns out well the first time, I typically eat, buy, or cook the same thing again.

LOOLAH Posts: 888
3/5/13 1:26 P

The possibilities are endless when it comes to roasting veggies!

I just use what veggies and seasonings I have on hand and go from there. My favorite seasoning combination: Chili powder, garlic powder, dried basil, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Sounds like a lot but the outcome is so delicious. It's savory and spicy and awesome! Sometimes I add a little soy sauce, sriracha or teriyaki sauce depending what kind of meal I'm making.

I line a casserole pan with foil (not one for scrubbing dishes) and add a little bit of olive oil. I personally don't have a specific bake time/temperature but just keep checking them every 5-10 minutes or so.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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3/5/13 1:24 P

I'm with BUNNYKICKS, roasting by FAR is my favorite way to eat vegetables. I don't even bother with the bowl, I just put some foil on a baking sheet (one with sides, not a flat one!) throw the veggies on there, put on the olive oil (1tbsp or less) and whatever seasonings, swoosh them around a bit with my hands so the oil coats them, and then pop in the oven at 400, or if I'm cooking something else in the oven, I put them in with that and don't change the temp. Once out, I will sometimes top with a bit of grated parmesan cheese (the real kind, not the kind from the canister). So delicious! Just watch the time, you really don't need to do it for very long for most vegetables like asparagus, green beans, or broccoli... 15 minutes or less.

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3/5/13 1:22 P

Assuming you arent adverse to using plastics with food, try using an oven bag to roast your vegetables. Ive made roasted veggies many times with no oil and never had an issue when using the bags. They're sold by the foil and plastic baggies in the store.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/5/13 1:06 P

I roast veg alllll the time, it's my favorite way to prepare them.

You will have to use a bit of oil - putting cut-up veg into a roaster without any oil WILL lead to "dry/burned" veg. I just put my veg in a big salad bowl, pour a half-tbsp or 1 tbsp oil over the top (depending how many veg i'm doing), and toss/shake it all around until evenly coated.

I tend to roast at a high temp for a shorter time (say, 400-425), especially for veg that tend to dry out too quickly (thin things like green beans or asparagus, mushrooms, eggplant). And a lower temp (350-375) for longer for the sturdy dense veg like carrots, parsnips, turnip. It's a bit of trial and error - just check every few minutes for doneness, and give them a flip once or twice during cooking (otherwise they might get too brown on the undersides).

Any seasoning salt works great, or just plain old salt and pepper.

Not only are they good right from the oven, leftover roasted veg also work well added to a cold salad or to a soup.

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3/5/13 1:02 P

I love roasted veggies, and depending on what you use, they aren't dry at all! I do like to roast mine with a bit of olive oil though.

SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
3/5/13 12:57 P

I sm thinking about trying to roast vegetables after seeing precut and seasoned ones at a local grocery store. It was cut up vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, artichokes, yellow summer squash, anf I oninons or mushrooms too I think. As far as the sesoning, it was garlic, salt, pepper and a few other things. I want to try it, my tendency with any attempt at roasting veggies is that they burn or are really dry. Their gonn abe dry dince their baked, not rock hard though. I am thinking about trying this and using Ms.Dash for flavor and see how that works.

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