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10/19/11 6:27 P

The TRX is a fantastic piece of equipment, I was ready to purchase one, when I came across the Rip 60. It has features that the TRX does not have, making it far more versatile than the TRX, at a more affordable price. If you already have a TRX, don't go out and buy another suspension trainer. The TRX will give you all the workout you need. I'm just saying that TRX is not the only quality suspension trainer out there.

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10/19/11 5:29 P

I haven't done the Rip 60, but I *love* TRX. It's done wonders for my core strength and it's so versatile. It's as easy or difficult as you want to make it

10/19/11 11:00 A

I've used the TRX and really like what it could add to a workout. Fortunately, I saw a commercial for Rip 60 before I purchased the TRX system. The Rip 60 is more versatile than the TRX, comes equipped with the door anchor, a complete set of videos, diet plan, wall chart, door protector to keep the equipment from scratching your door. The handles are different, and that is the only debatable issue between the two. The price makes the Rip 60 more affordable, and you get far more for your money. It is a product of Icon Fitness, a trusted name in the fitness business for many years. The Rip 60 is not a cheap knockoff.

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4/14/11 10:00 A

The TRX is one of my favorite all time workout tools! I am the Head Trainer at Bay Athletic Club in Alpena MI. We began using the TRX for some of our one on one training a little over 3 years ago and now we use it for just about every program and workout we do. From a trainer stand point the TRX is an amazing tool because it helps people develop fitness that will improve their daily lives and activities whether that includes a day in practice in the NFL or recovering from hip surgery. The TRX is a tool that can be used for anybody and any goal. With the TRX I have the ability to offer assistance to any exercise or add progressions to challenge even the most fit of people. For me personally the biggest difference between the TRX and other similar products is their mission and purpose. The TRX was developed because the founders wanted a tool that could help change people’s lives and everything about the product and that the company does echo that mission. They have made a quality product that lasts (trust me, we get over 350 check in's a day and still have some of our first TRX suspension trainers!), in my experience with imitators there are often corners cut in quality to save the company money. The videos, education and resources that TRX offers it users are world class and included some of the best and most innovative trainers in the fitness industry. A TRX is not a transaction company (once they have your money they are done with you) they are there to offer support and a variety of resources to help users get the most out of suspension training and their fitness as a whole. In the end for me and my clients I use the TRX over other equipment because they exist to change lives not just pick up on an "up-tapped" sales market.

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4/5/11 10:27 P


Below is a link to Coach Nicole's review of the TRX system. I don't have one for Rip 60, but thought this may help.


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4/5/11 10:17 P

I'm interested in the suspension training systems and wonder if anyone has used them and has opinions about them. A friend has a TRX and I used that and it was great. However, it seems like Rip 60 might have more variations and also comes with more DVD workouts.


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