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2/26/11 9:45 P

Call 911 or get to a hospital. This is something outside our scope of expertise.


FRIENDBEAR30 Posts: 158
2/26/11 9:25 P

The ball of my foot has been hurting all week. But today when I went out walking my foot did not hurt. also yeah my whole right side is swollen and tingly feeling like its asleep. yes my stomach is that way to I notice it more when I put my hand on my right side and then compare it to my left.

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2/26/11 9:24 P

Please play it safe.

IFFUR77 Posts: 556
2/26/11 9:16 P

if you have swollen feet put them up and make a doctor's appointment...are they hurting?? if yes go to the hospital!!

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
2/26/11 9:11 P

I strongly urge you to seek medical advice immediately. Swelling in the feet can mean many things, and if its in the abdomen as well that doesn't sound great. Not to scare you, but I think you should talk to someone about it.

FRIENDBEAR30 Posts: 158
2/26/11 9:07 P

I was wondering what I can do over the counter for swelling? My biggest problem right now is the right side of my body is swelled up about 1/2in to 1 in more than the left side of my body. The swelling is very noticeable in my feet and ankels. My right foot is wider and more swollen than my left foot and yes I notice every time more fluid builds up. Thanks ahead of time for the help.

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