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1/29/11 1:25 P

Quinoa is a nice variation from rice. It's lower on the glycemic index and is a complete protein. When I eat rice, it's brown rice.

I've gotten used to the wheat pastas. I cook some, then measure portions into a snack-size zip-lock bag and put them in the freezer for quick additions to a meal.

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1/29/11 12:28 P

Whole Grain rice or whole wheat pasta is healthiest. My husband doesn't like the whole wheat pasta, though. He says it's like chewing on the grain stalks.

60SIXTY Posts: 25,073
1/25/11 11:46 P

I have heard some of the Italian chefs on food network say that some parts of Italy use a lot of rice.
Whole grain rice is probably better for you.
Some of the whole grain pasta isn't bad for you.
It is all about portion control.

I prefer barley to rice, and rice to pasta.

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1/23/11 8:51 A

Taste and texture are the things that I rate first. I have tried whole wheat pasta and don't like the texture when I eat. For me it would be rice, dirty rice, white rice, saffron rice, indian rice. Change your spices and add some zing to it.

1/23/11 1:09 A

I love the fact that everyone in my household can't stand whole wheat pasta. That means even though I make a huge batch, it's all mine! Mmm. I'll have dinner ready for the next week! Done.

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1/22/11 11:29 P

Love wheat pasta. It took some time to get used to it, but now it's my norm.

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1/21/11 4:27 P

Hey guys! I tried the whole wheat pasta and it was delish! I am Italian, and I gotta have my pasta! I almost couldn't tell the difference... Thanks for all of your input! Still want to try the rice pasta if I can find it in my area...


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1/18/11 10:56 P

Nothing wrong with eating a measured portion of whole grain pasta!

1/17/11 11:33 P

Whole wheat :) Actually, quinoa. But you need to cook it in something, otherwise it's tasteless.

1/16/11 10:32 P

Choose what you like and enjoy it! The goal is portion control. Both rice and pasta are carbs and carbs are essential nutrients for our brains and our bodies. Mangia, mangia! Buon apetito!

1/16/11 9:46 P

Whole wheat pasta has more fibre and nutrients than brown rice. But there are other kinds of rice I'm not sure about like wild rice.

1/16/11 3:51 P

I found the rice pasta at the bulk barn, but i don't know if you have a bulk barn where you live. Health food stores should carry it, too, though, if not you could probably order it online or find it at a specialty store.

I hope you like the whole wheat pasta! I found it more filling than normal pasta, but wasn't a big fan of the texture.

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1/16/11 3:16 P

that rice pasta sounds good- I'll have to see if i can find that anywhere around here. Thanks! I do prefer pasta over rice, and am trying the whole wheat pasta for the first time tonight, so we shall see! I'll let you all know what I think of it!

1/16/11 3:03 P

I think it has a lot to do with how much pasta you eat and what kind of pasta it is. I know "normal" pasta isn't very good for you and has a lot of empty calories, but whole wheat pasta is a bit better.

I tried pasta that was made from rice flour not that long ago, and was surprised at how delicious it was. It took about the same amount of time to cook as normal pasta, maybe a few minutes longer. The texture was great, not gritty like whole wheat pastas and it's taste was wonderful!

I try to chose rice over pasta, but rice pasta seemed like a wonderful compromise lol!

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
1/16/11 2:44 P

Pasta- of course- leaning to eat it in moderation with plenty of vegtables

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1/16/11 11:45 A

What is better for you: Rice or Pasta? I am a full blooded Italian and I LOVE my pasta, but have heard that rice is better for you. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!


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