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7/8/13 8:52 A

Thanks for the input.

I have in the past stewed it with quinoa, apple, ground cranberries and spices (like pumpkin pie spice mixture, but my own). Sometimes added lemon zest. (sometimes I'll put all the fruits/veg in the food processor before adding it to the quinoa to cook).

It's not exactly sweet, but I don't mind it. Good by itself, or with yogurt.

I was just thinking of alternate ideas for a change.

7/7/13 4:46 P

I got a few stalks of an early rhubarb crop in a CSA box a few weeks ago and have been anxiously looking for it in the grocery store since! I made a quick compote--just sliced strawberries, orange and lemon juice, chopped rhubarb, and about a tablespoon of sugar, cooked down until all combined. If you're skipping added sugar, just use a little less juice and a little more strawberry--the natural sugars in the strawberries are plenty for it to gel up nicely, and cutting the citrus will prevent it from getting too tart.
It was amazing stirred in Greek yogurt, and I also used it as a spread on basically anything that would hold still that week--crackers, crepes, whatever.

7/6/13 5:31 P

I've stewed rhubarb before, with some fresh ginger, then when it was cool served a big spoonful of it over soya yoghurt. It was delicious! I'm guessing it would also be great with regular yoghurt, if that's what takes your fancy. I've also "fried" half a cup of oats in a teaspoon of margarine to sprinkle over the top of it all, it was a super tasty and very filling dessert. Almost healthy enough for breakfast too I guess!

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7/6/13 1:29 P

Rhubarb juice/iced tea is another great way to make use of the rhubarb :) If you don't have a juicer you can cook the rhubarb in water until it falls apart, then strain. Let it cool and keep it in the fridge. Stevia would be my sweetener of choice for this.

Edited to add; I did not read your post very well it seems, but then most people will not consider stevia an artificial sweetener as it is an herb, so I guess my posts are still on target.

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7/6/13 1:23 P

I make rhubarb soup and serve it as a snack or dessert. I soak, rinse and cut the rhubarb (usually 4-6 cups) in dices. Then cover with water and cook until tender. Add one teaspoon salt. Sweeten to taste. (sugar, vanilla extract or stevia.) It is supposed to be quite tart. Then I take one spoon of potato flour and mix it with 3 spoons of cold water. Stir it into the soup to make it thicken. And done!

Let it cool a bit before serving. Some coconut cream is a great topping.

Edited to add the salt :) It may seem strange, but it is no good without it.

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7/6/13 7:27 A

Thanks, Kris.
I'll look over those recipes to see what I can find.

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7/4/13 7:16 A

Apple and Rhubarb go beautifully together as a base for dessert, but they also go well in smoothies. I have used Rhubarb rather successfully in Pork Casseroles, too.

Have you thought about Rhubarb Muffins or loaves. Add in plenty of Oat Bran and some stewed apple, too, for the sweetener.

Below is a link for a few savoury recipes - and after looking at them, I am DEFINITELY going to try them :-)


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7/4/13 5:55 A

pretty sure anything in yogurt is likely highly processed, and only the flavour, but I'm not sure of that.

Will have to keep experimenting - likely in small batches

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7/3/13 12:08 P


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7/3/13 12:07 P

When I was travelling in England a few years ago, I noticed that "rhubarb" was a common flavour for store-bought yogurt. It was really good, too. Never seen it anyplace else. But I'm thinking it could probably be home-made with plain yogurt and stewed rhubarb?

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7/3/13 11:44 A

I second the apple/rhubarb crisp vote for sure. My grandmother used to make apple-rhubarb pie, so that combination is my childhood favorite.

Maybe cooked rhubarb could replace applesauce in some recipes, like savory dishes to go with pork, that often feature apple.

It is quite a challenge to use a whole harvest. There are plum trees going nuts around here.

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7/3/13 11:05 A

You could also use strawberries instead of apple.

I did a Google search and found this:

Check those out and see if something strikes your fancy!

7/3/13 8:14 A

You could make an apple rhubarb crisp. I don't add any sugar to mine. Instead I bake it at 350* for 1/2 hour then reduce the temperature to 300* and bake another 1-1 1/2 hours. The slow cooking carmelizes the natural sugars in the apples and it ends up very sweet.

For the topping I use butter, almond flour or coconut flour, chopped pecans and cinnamon. Sometimes I add a tbsp or two of maple syrup but you can leave that out.

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7/3/13 5:59 A

It's Rhubarb season here.

Anyone have any ideas (besides freezing) what to make with rhubarb - even savory dishes that do not include added sugar or artificial sweetener? For 21 days, I'm avoiding added sugars in my menu, as a way of getting back on track after having guests and non-standard menus in the house.

I've been running ideas through my head (during my non-sleep hours through the night), involving adding an apple, and possibly some curry. I also considered squash or beets or even onions.

I'm not quite sure the results, and am unsure I want to experiment (and waste the other ingredients if it's horrid)

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