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10/29/13 7:59 A

Thanks for directing me to this great resource

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10/29/13 7:57 A

Thanks for directing me to this great resource!

2/28/13 12:52 P

I'm 38 and have had RA for 6 years now... Having just had baby #3 the flare is horrific! Exercise is almost impossible at the moment as I can barely walk, which makes losing the baby weight next to impossible... However, it has been suggested to me that HOT YOGA would be something I could do... because the heat will help with the joint mobility, and yoga is great for increasing mobility. I was told that I would have to speak with the Yogi and inform them of my current limitations so they could personalize my own yoga routine, but that it would be very beneficial. Yoga also helps to combat stress and fatigue which are huge contributors to the pain associated with RA. I'm going to try it, I'll repost when I know the benefits...

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2/11/13 1:48 P

Thank you for this post. You have given me some good ideas & encouragement knowing I will not always be in "flare mode".

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2/7/13 3:00 P

i also have RA in both knees and I would like to know what type of exercises i can do to make it stronger. i don't have access to a pool or any gyms. I would like some input from any one please. Ive had to start over.

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4/2/12 1:44 P

I am 51, diagnosed w/ RA at age 15 months. I've had 4 hip replacements cdsand both knees replaced. I am taking Aquafitness, but we have no other exercise classes appropriate. There is one, but due to my surgeries, I am not in shape. I do some exercises with a friend, but she is in a wheelchair, so we don't do any for legs and belly. That is my major problem--I've suddenly developed a belly. What can I do for exercises for my core & legs, but not too hard on my hips yet? Alsoo for allover strength and mobility? I am having trouble staying motivated, but I am desperate--I have pretty much outgrown my clothes! emoticon Edited by: MDORE0 at: 4/2/2012 (13:45)
10/13/11 10:10 P

Yes it COULD mean that you have RA but you also might not. I do have RA and they found it after several tests when my RA factor came back high. My Dr said it could be RA, Lupus, Fibro, or nothing. Try not to stress too much until you have done the tests and found out exactly what is going on.
I have RA and manage it pretty well for the time being. I HIGHLY suggest swimming for some exercise. I know that when you're in a bad flare the last thing you want to be doing is exercising but the more you do it the longer you will be able to manage it easier. The days that are the worst for me and i feel like doing nothing I try and make sure i at least walk around the block. The days that I feel great I try and get a really good long workout in to make up for the others. Just get out there and move and your body will thank you!

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10/13/11 4:53 P

I have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid Arthritis. I need to find an appropriate fitness plan. The arthritis is in my fingers, elbow, left knee and left hip.

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6/15/11 10:13 A

My mom has a rather good case of RA and she is finally working out! We are all so happy for her. She actually got a personal trainer who is helping her set up a program based on her medical condition. She also does water aerobics once or twice a week and she loves that. Maybe you can try a water aerobics class at your local gym or fitness club. Many offer drop in rates.

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6/15/11 8:55 A

Hello, I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct area, but I'm 48 and I've had painful and swollen fingers for weeks now...also some tingling in pinky and ring finger. I had lab work done and yesterday my Dr. called to tell me that my Rheumatoid Factor is positive and at 26. She's sending me to a Rheumatologist for further testing. Is it true that a positive Rheumatoid Factor could be a sign for RA or a few other diseases? I'm real nervous about this. I already have Osteopenia.

6/2/11 8:23 P

I got a lot out of your post. I thought my lack of energy was pure laziness... And sitting around for a year doing nothing... The doctor didn't tell me it could be from the ra. I find it difficult to bend or move, but my husband has me riding the tandem bike ( with the dog :-). For the last couple of weeks, and although i have not lost an ounce, i can feel my arms an legs getting stronger....but the stairs are still hard...i'm hoping it will get better.

5/9/11 4:05 P

i lost 3 kg in 1 months before and 14 with
6/2010 to 9/2010 then i lost my motivation when start to go to the work (computer teacher)
start to gain weight
then i have RA since 12/2010 until now i can't walk same before and i cant move my arm up
i soped the exercise and stoped eating healthy
i gained 7 kg :(
i don't know if there is hope to case like me????
is there any exercise can help me in
i don't want to move to other site i will start again
and i hope i will loose the extra weight

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4/29/11 3:16 A

I have RA, and I have to say, I haven't found any doctors who can give a lot of advice on this subject. Doesn't mean you shouldn't ask - you should. But I don't know how helpful they will be.

Water aerobics seems to be recommended. Though, I tried an arthritis water aerobics class when I was in a flare. It hurt and was not the cardio I had hoped it would be.

I am pretty well controlled right now, so I can most of my normal workouts. Pushups and things that put a lot of pressure on my wrists I do only in moderation. But for about a year, I was unable to do much strength training. My hands were not capable of gripping weights and my wrists could not handle any pushing activities. Knees and ankles kept me away from leg strength work. During that time I did do a fair bit of yoga and pilates for strength. Spinning, zumba, elliptical, stepmill for cardio. Some of the plank work in yoga was tough on my wrists, so I would modify to elbow planks. When feet and knees starting acting up in cardio, I just listened to my body.

Now that I am able to train harder, I have regained most of my strength. Still working on some of the cardio/plyo endurance. I do fight the fatigue as well.

It is a lot harder to workout and plan workouts with RA. But you are right, I think in the long run it can make dealing with RA easier. It makes the muscles and connective tissue around the joints strong, keeps weight off (to avoid added joint pressure)and can give you more energy.

I say for now, just do what doesn't hurt. And never workout on a joint that is in a flare - painful, swollen, hot. Take care!!

DREMA101 Posts: 13
4/29/11 1:34 A

Excellent Post! I have RA since I was a kid and I tell you, not only some exercises hard on the joints, but many RA suffers are fatigue in the mornings which makes it even harder. I tell ya, when I get up in the morning my wrists are burning and painful finger/wrist joints don’t always get better with work outs. I often think of walking and swimming on a good day.

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4/29/11 12:22 A

RA is very painful and even weather can also effect how people are on the day.. Sometimes there are not alot cheap of ways to help joints in alot of pain.. Run any program past your doctor.. Take medications in good time and keep joints warm with purewool knee and elbow protectors..

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4/28/11 11:34 P

You might try Leslie sansone's walk away the pounds. I started out with that and have come a long way since. However, I don't have RA. I found mine at target, but you can probably get them online for cheaper. Do what you can and then try to progress from there. Just becoming more active can do a lot. I don't know where you live, but if its nice, maybe try taking a walk everyday. Hopefully, you have weather you can enjoy.

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4/28/11 11:29 P

Perhaps ask your doctor to refer you to a physiotherapist.. A physio can help you navigate exercises and work with possibilities to avoid pain..

We can't see how your RA affects you, but a physio can and give good advice..


P.s I work as a resthome helper with phyisotherapists regularly they help my RA patients with all sorts of stuff and give can give super ideas.. Many of my RA are stiff as molases, but are super happy as are less stiff efter a weekly session..

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4/28/11 11:22 P

Thanks. I've done that. I thought you all might have some suggestions.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,772
4/28/11 8:12 P

I'd recommend asking your doctor for advice. They can probably tell you what's safe to try and what you should avoid, as well as provide some resources for more information.

Coach Jen

4/28/11 3:59 P

I heard about something recently - I think it's called and they have resources including workouts for people suffering from RA. Might be worth Googling or checking out.

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4/28/11 2:39 P

So, I'm having trouble getting started with exercise cause of fatigue and pain. I know it's circular and both will lessen with exercise but I don't know how to start. I was hoping Coach Nicole might jump in with some suggestions. I'd appreciate input from anyone else with experience in this as well. Thanks!

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