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12/27/13 12:21 P

i have the One and love it. Has it helped? In its own way. I have been on the team on facebook and they are much more motivational than the team here. I have been reading about a lot of issues with the force and flex such as bands breaking or causing allergic reactions to skin.
Make sure that it is locked but can still move freely on your wrist.
it is only motivational if you challenge yourself.
i suggest for the next week or so get your baseline. Don't do a lot of extra movement. If you exercise now don't add to many more workouts.
Next week after you have determined your baseline, start to challenge yourself t get in more stairs or steps.
The competition on FB is grand. You have people posting anywhere from 10,000 steps to 24,000 or more steps. I have read of people running up and down their hallways to get the steps. I have heard of people putting their fitbit on their dogs as they are walking (not sure if this is cheating or not). Get on the fitbit site and friend people. FB will share their logins so you can friend them. Try to stay at the top of your leaderboard.

Motivation is where you find it.

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12/27/13 11:33 A

Hello my boyfriend got me a fitbit flex for christmas. It's my first day using it. I was just wanting some of your reviews on it. How you like it? Has it helped you with reaching any if your goals? Is there anything you don't like about it?

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