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8/21/13 7:24 P

I had/have neuropathy in my feet/legs from my diabetes. I couldn't feel anything in my right foot, because of the nerve damage. I lost all the hair on my legs up to about 3" below the knee. I have gotten my diabetes under control with diet, and off meds now, with a low A1C ( 5.3 ). The tingling is gone now. I am not going to say that restless leg syndrome is B.S. , but it is my initial reaction. Your symptoms are real, but I think it is just that due to our health getting worse as a nation, we are experiencing groups of health problems from things like eating way too much sugar. So instead of talking about the 5-6 health issues, they are now just naming clusters of these issues as diseases of their own. You try a few pills, and one works, and you have covered up the tingly leg syndrome! Underneath though, you are still doing damage.

Get a complete blood panel done to see if there is anything amiss, and address that problem, with your doctor. You will probably find that it fixes the problem. We are too eager to treat health issues, instead of fixing them. Something you are doing is causing this issue, and reversing it quickly will make it possible that it does not necessarily become a permanent issue.

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8/21/13 2:06 P

If you have creeping, crawling, tingling, or painful sensations in the legs while resting or sleeping you may be insulin resistant or pre-diabetic. When I was pre-diabetic it felt like I had ants crawling under my skin. Have you ever had an A1C test? It will determine your glucose levels over a 3 month period. If not ask for one and be safe.

Yu could also be low in iron or have neuropathy or kidney disease and not getting the right sleep can lead to heart problems...don't wait go see a doctor....get tested.

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8/21/13 1:36 P

My friend had it. Her MD wanted her on meds. She refused. She went to a chiro and hasn't had any issues in several months.

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8/21/13 5:58 A

Have you been checked by the Dr? Often there is a medical cause, including Diabetes or Kidney issues, so if you haven't had it checked, it would pay to.

Below is a link that MAY be helpful:


8/21/13 4:32 A

Any Ideas that might curb Restless Leg Syndrome? It's really affecting my sleep!

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