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6/5/12 12:32 P

In my experience as a former, track, cross country and road running coach I have found that the runners I have worked with tend to fare better with an off day before any form of "race" even if they are only doing a road race to compete against themselves.

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6/5/12 12:31 P

You can do a short easy run the day before. I wouldn't push for speed the day before. You've already conditioned yourself for that and you won't be able to improve much just from the night before. For 3 miles, I would just keep running as a normally do, since I've been running for a long time.
If you are normally very tired after a run, it might be best to rest. Good luck!

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6/5/12 12:23 P

Since my regular routine is to run 3 miles, m w f, on a treadmill, I firmly believe one should have a day of rest before a 5k. I just think the body will do better when fresh. Have fun.

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6/5/12 12:11 P

I think it depends on your current fitness level. If this is your first 5K, I'd say rest. If you run pretty regularly it's your call.

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6/5/12 8:44 A

I usually run the day before mainly because I sometimes feel sluggish after a day off of sitting around sometimes i feel great. I also keep the run short and end the last 10 min at a faster pace to get the body ready for competition followed by sprinting drills and dynamic stretching followed by regular stretching. I usually run the day before since I never start my running week out with a workout, so why would i race after a day off?

But taking a day off is personal preference and what you are used to.

6/4/12 1:49 P

I would suggest you not run the day before since you have not rune in a road race before. 5K is 3.1 miles so well withing your current training.

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6/4/12 1:48 P

Rest the day before.

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6/4/12 1:45 P

yeah sorry about that i didn't know how to put it, should i've said 3 mile run, so is it recommendable to keep running until the day before the competition or should i rest so that day i'm fresh

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6/4/12 1:41 P

For 3 miles you can run pretty much up to the day before if you are in pretty good shape. But, marathons are 26.2 miles, not 3 miles. At 3, you are close to a 5k. Good luck.

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6/4/12 1:37 P

I will run a 3 mile marathon in a few weeks, I'm conditioning every day, running more than 3 miles, do I have to stop running a few days before the marathon or do I keep running until the day before?

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