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6/24/13 10:34 A

If you're planning to eat only half of what you order, do make sure you get a doggy bag at the end of the meal and donate the rest of your food to the first homeless person you see! It would be a criminal waste of food to just leave it on the plate for the restaurant to throw away.

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6/24/13 10:30 A

Thanks for your input! I think a couple of the salads look good, and I actually like salad without dressing. Of course, anything with a pita looks good, too, but I'll try to avoid that. :-)

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6/24/13 10:00 A

Yum I love Greek food!

I would go with any of the salads really; I'm sure you can customize if there's something you don't like. And get your dressing on the side.

I've also eaten at places like this and had a pita with chicken or turkey (gyro meat is WAY too greasy for me) and I've immediately ripped off half of the pita bread and thrown it away to avoid the temptation to eat it :)

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6/24/13 9:50 A

I am going out to lunch today, and it's at a new restaurant. There is no nutrition information available, and I'm not familiar with the food.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what would be the healthiest/lowest calorie choices for me? I'll make sure that I eat only half of whatever I get.

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